Friday, July 01, 2005

I hate MONEY!

Okay, I like to have money, but therein lies the problem - I have none!
Today is payday, so I went to T*im Hortons this morning to buy Tim Bits and an iced cappuccino. The Tim Bits were to share with my co-workers (who I really don't care for) and the I.C. is my addiction. I only give in once in awhile, but when I was pregnant I was all over them! So much so, that I really had no reason to be surprised when I failed my one hour glucose screen (I actually had one on my desk when the doctor called to tell me I failed!)
I digress...
So I stopped to get money and was told I had $8 in my checking account!!! ON PAYDAY!
Panic set in - is today not payday? Will the check I wrote yesterday bounce? What am I going to have for breakfast???
All is well now, but really how much longer am I going to have to live check to check? Oh yeah - the rest of my life! UGH!
Edited to add: I am a whole wheat bagel AND an iced Javaccino from Bruegger's Bagels - very yummy!


Kara (KESPereira) said...

I am totally there!!! I hate being really puts a cramp in my style! Alas..such is life when you have kids. :)

jess said...

Living from check to check sucks! We are now trying to pay off these massive credit card bills from when we bought our new house (and redecorated, painted, etc.). Hopefully one day we will have some cushion!