Monday, October 24, 2005

A wedding Story.....

I am a MRS!!!!
We had a WONDERFUL day! Perfect except for the following (cause I know everyone likes to hear what went wrong!)
1. RAIN! Lots of it! Hard, driving rain ALL day! Our limo driver SUCKED and didn't help me get into the limo, in the rain, in my dress! Or out for that matter! My Dad did that though!
2. I'm a klutz! The day before the wedding I was too impatient to wait for Rob to help me carry all the centerpieces out to my car so I did it myself and hit my arm with the door. Hard enough to leave an inch wide bruise on my upper arm! My right one, you know, the one EVERYONE sees while I am saying my vows! I tried covering it with make up, but I still had several of Rob's relatives ask me what my tattoo was of!
3. Rob marrying the wrong women! Not really! The priest slipped and called me SARAH! Thankfully the reading before his homily was about Sarah and her wedding! Everyone thought it was so funny to call me Sarah all night!!!
4. No room at the inn! After a LONG exhausting day, Rob and I took my poor tired, blistered feet to a very nice hotel in the area that Rob made a reservation with a month ago. Come to find out, they had a computer crash a few weeks ago and lost our reservation! YUP! AND they had no room! We could have taken a room with 2 single beds but who wants that on their wedding night?!?!? We ended up staying at home that night!
5. Wonder why I am posting when I should be en route to my honeymoon???? Because our resort no longer exists! Okay, that is an exaggeration, it exists, but they think it will be several months before they can open it again! They couldn't even offer us a re-route since another storm is about to batter the eastern Caribean! CRAZY! Luckily, we got a gift certificate to Niagara-on-the-lake so we will be going there tomorrow and spending the night! WE will most likely spend the rest of the week doing Halloween things with Ryan!
We are going to take our refund and buy a new couch. The rest of the money we will put into another trip sometime after the holidays -- this time we will take Ryan with us - YAY!!!
I will post pictures (hopefully) later this week! Everything was GREAT! Everyone looked great (even with my bruise) and Ryan was so sweet it made my teeth ache AND he sat through out whole ceremony! Of course, we couldn't get him to smile AT ALL!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Some validation, nice co-workers, and ADIOS!

Thanks for all the comments on my last post. I enjoyed being validated in my anger! Rob is out of the dog house -- I know none of it is his fault and he agreed that he too has noticed that Becky has been calling him a lot more and he also agreed to tell her she needed to call the house and not his cell phone from now on!
Last night we had Rob's family over for dinner - with his grandparents who are here from Michigan. It was a nice time, everyone enjoyed my sauce and had fun watching Ryan suck his linguine in!!!
Yesterday afternoon I came back from lunch and had a card sitting on my desk. It was a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant from my team! How nice is that I ask? I guess it was led up by 2 people who never seem overly friendly, but must like me as they also bought me a very nice gift right before Ryan was born. NOT the women who usually takes the rains on shower gifts, but I know that is b/c she doesn't like me (watch me care)...
Also, today my girlfriends from work had a pizza lunh for me - this I knew about since they asked me and we all decided that would be a nice alternative to the stuffy lame team showers we usually have. They did surprise me with a nice gift though! They bought me my favorite perfume that I happen to be out of and too poor to replace! MMMMMM, Dolce & Gabana Light Blue - YUMMMMM!
I will most likely not be posting until I get back from Mexico - if we get to go to Mexico seeing as how Wilma is headed right for Playa Del Carmen, so thanks for all the support and I leave you with a little assignment (can you tell I wanted to be a teacher?!?!).
POST ONE (or MORE) QUESTIONS YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ANSWER - anything you are dying to know about me and my family??????

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mother Nature SUCKS and other wedding related rants

Okay, the wedding is in 5 days! 5 days PEOPLE! Do you have any idea how much stuff I still need to do?!?!?!?
1. Rob called me at work this morning to let me know that Hurricane Wilma is gunning for Playa Del Carmen - where we are supposed to be spending a relaxing week after the wedding. Just my luck! No, my luck predicts that the hurricane will NOT hit the resort but will cause windy, rainy weather. Thus, making our travel insurance invalid and leaving us stuck at a resort with crappy weather.
2. I went to get gas this morning and found out that I have a negative balance in my checking account! Turns out I never accounted for my gym dues coming out last week and bounced a check! Just great! 5 days till the wedding, 4 days until I get paid and I need money NOW!!! I am going to have to charge the remaining items that I need.... Oh, and I don't have any credit cards! In an emergency, which I believe this qualifies as, I use my grandma's account. I feel so bad doing it, but I always pay her back immediately!!!
3. And this is a doozie -- why must men have bachelor parties?!?!??! Really, does any good ever come of it?!?! Does any bride to be NOT end up angry over something that happened?
This past Friday was Rob's bachelor party. They were having a poker thing at a local bar/restaurant and then going out, most likely to strip clubs. No biggie, right? My only rule was no lap dances at said strip clubs b/c I think that is grody. So, Rob gets home around 2:30, stumbles around downstairs for a half hour and I can hear him on the phone, but think nothing of it. The next morning his cell phone is beeping and I pick it up, because it is driving my crazy and I am nosey and there is a text message from his friend, Becky.
Let me back up, I have never been 100% comfortable with this friendship but mainly because Rob had a girl he dated before me break up with him because of it. Unrelated to saturday morning, I have noticed that Becky has been calling Rob on his cell phone more frequently than normal. He had me invite her to our couple's shower and Ryan's birthday which I did and at which she was incredible distant towards me.
ANYWAY..... The message said something like "I'm glad I got to see you tonight, hope you had fun, HONEY". I FREAKED - well, wouldn't you?!?!? I put Ryan down for a nap and woke Rob up to let him know what I thought about this! Now, I was more angry at her than him, because I KNOW Rob would never cheat! NEVER! But I really felt like she is crossing the line in the friendship. She calls Rob when she needs someone, etc. and I don't like it. Well, I guess the long story short, Rob's brother sent her a freaking invitation to the bachelor party. AND Rob's sister and all the guys wives were also invited (except Cheryl who was at our house putting together ceremony programs and centerpieces with me!). WHAT THE FUCK!!?!?!?!
How incredibly disrespectful is that to me, I ask?!?! Everyone but the Damn Bride was invited! Oh, and Rob NEVER once called home to see how Ryan or I were doing AND Ryan had just had shots that day!!!!!! Needless to say we ahve been arguing about this on and off since Saturday morning and last night we really had it out. Everything is fine now, but I think this supports my argument for why I HATE Rob's friends! Oh, and Becky is babysitting Ryan the night of the rehersal dinner! Nice, huh? It just screams of "Hand that Rocks the Cradle"
4. The weather forecast for Saturday? Rain, wind, and then more rain - just ducky!
I seriously need less DRAMA!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

A post of pictures....

To satisfy any sweet tooth you may have....

Ryan's First Birthday Present

Ryan with all his great presents

Ryan's Birthday Cake

Cleaning Ryan up so we can take him home

Ryan's sugar high

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Move over Martha

These are the centerpieces for the wedding! Okay, just the bowl, but I would like to point out thatI MADE the placemat it is sitting on!!!! Oh yeah, Martha should be shaking in her shoes!

We were able to find 24 bags of apples, which as of now is just enough. I filled them in with cranberries - fresh ones! Each bowl needs a half a bag of berries, so let's re-cap how much these suckers ended up costing:

Bowl $2.99 + Apples .90 a bag! + candle $1 + berries .75 (each bag was $1.50) = $5.64

MUCH less than a floral arrangement would have been right?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ryan is older than he has ever been!

Today the sweet boy turns ONE!!!!
ONE?!?!?! How did that happen?!?! Seems like just weeks ago he was a teeny tiny pup in my arms and now he is a walking talking maniac!!!!
I have been so afraid to blink for the last 365 days for fear I might miss something exciting in his life. I still call home every day that I am working and Rob is not for a full report - what he did, what he ate, how many times he yanked the dogs tail.....
Ryan was born on a day full of bright sunshine and has brought me more of the same every day since. He is truly my joy, my light, my everything.....
ETA - I intended to add pictures and post this on his actual birthday, but my home computer was giving me some trouble!
I'll post with all the party info and pics when I get them!

Monday, October 03, 2005

My observations from a trip to the rest room

1. My office is sooooo like junior high (or at least makes me feel like the un-cool seventh grader). I passed a group women chatting and they all stopped talking when I walked by! Oooooh, now I want to know what they were talking about.
2. My hair is really long right now - it is about a quarter of an inch from my bra strap, so about mid-back
3. I need my eyebrows waxed BADLY!
4. Today is the longest day EVER!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Just a quick post....

To let all of you know that I survived the bachelorette party in one piece (if you don't count the lining of my stomach that I think I puked up this morning). I am tired, and sore - that bull was rough! But Ryan did me a great favor and napped for 2 hours this morning - I LOVE that kid!
So, without further ado.....