Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An post about nothing...

I realized that I have not posted pictures in quite some time. Would you like to know why? Because I have not downloaded any off our camera since before Christmas. December 8th was the last time I downloaded pictures! What a slacker I have become!
Expect picture heavy posts later this week as my goal tonight is to get them all downloaded!
Bon Jovi
The concert was great! Our seats were great! So worth the $80 a piece we paid (hey it was our wedding present, sort of, well, we used wedding money for them). Those guys amaze me -- they are all over 40 and they can rock for over 2 straight hours and then turn around and do it again the next night! I, personally, would be dead after one show!
Anyway, Jon is still as good looking as ever, and they sounded great. My only disappointment was their weak encore. I like a strong, old style rock out encore and their's was more new music and slow, ut still great!
The rest of the weekend
Rob and I were Ryan free until 5:00pm Saturday. Unfortunately, I spent most of this time in bed trying not to throw up (again). I felt so terrible all day Saturday and then again on Sunday that I was beginning to wonder if I was getting sick or if it was just the morning sickness still.
Ryan's world
The boy wonder is still trying to figure out which nap he would like to keep and which he is done with. I wish he would hurry up and decide since it seems we are never home when he wants to sleep and he never wants to sleep when I try to put him down! It looks like he is leaning towards after lunch and that is great! I just wish he would get there soon!
He has also been waking up before 7:00 most days. I wonder if this is in direct relation to the nap schedule change? We have tried later bedtimes, but he gets up earlier, earlier bedtimes, gets up at the same time.....
Any ideas?
Yesterday marked the first time Ryan has ever asked for a snack! He usually gets one when he get home from work to tide him over until dinner, but I forgot yesterday. He went to the drawer full of plastics, grabbed a small dish (that we use for snacks), held it out to me and said "nack". I was shocked! I asked him what he wanted and he went to the pantry, got some pretzels and handed those to me! It's crazy how big he is getting! He even sat on a chair at the dining room table and ate his snack while I finished dinner!
This afternoon is his 15 month well baby check up and the first time he will receive the MMR and Chicken Pox vaccination! My poor baby! I hope he handles them okay....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


So I never should have bragged about not being sick in a whole week.
This morning - BAM! Could be that I thought I was in the clear enough to forgo the Unisom, but I guess that was foolish. I am going to keep taking for at least a week, and try and stop at 14 weeks. I just hate medicating for anything, but I also hate loosing my whole morning over the toilet (or into the river - more on that below)
My new strange puke place
This morning, while walking to a meeting the wind whipped my (way too long) hair into my mouth and caused an instant wave of nasuea. Followed immediately by the need to hurl. The only thing I could think to do was to lean over the bridge and hurl into the mighty Genessee. If you've ever seen this river before (or smelled) you can imagine I am not the first person to do so! I just hope there was nobody below.....
Bizzare pregnancy dreams
In the entire 41 weeks I was pregnant with Ryan I never once had a vivid sex dream. Not so much the case this time around! Last night was full of them! Normally I would enjoy this, but I feel so guilty. Not a single one was about my husband! NOPE, they were all about this guy!
Now it could be because we are going to see him LIVE this Friday night and I am very excited about it, but honestly? I was more than a little embarrassed to face Rob this morning.
Oh, and in my dream he drove a tan Ford Escort! Such a rock star car, huh?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Houston, we have a heartbeat!

A nice strong one! YAY!
However, it took what felt like an hour (but I am sure was only a minute) to find it! The little bugger is hiding waaaaay over on the right side of my uterus and behind the placenta - or so we think since it was so difficult to find.
I was pretty nervous to begin with - you know, it is so reassuring to know that there is actually a baby in there, but the longer it took the more upset I got and by the time she actually found the heartbeat I was in total tears!
Everything else seems good. I have lost a total of 3 pounds, but I am pretty sure that will be re-gained quickly enough now that I have my appetite back. Actually I feel like I have the appetite of a sumo wrestler right now!
And, not to curse myself, I have not thrown up in a whole week!!! I am still not feeling 100%, but no actually puking - WOOHOO! And yesterday, a holiday for our company, I did not nap with Ryan! Honestly! I cleaned and showered instead! It was my personal victory for the day!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ryan v. Sleep

There is no clear winner here! Rob has been off the last 2 days so Ryan has been home with him and has decided that naps are optional. Hmmmm, not really, little one. Of course, Rob doesn't really plan his days around the naps and called me from the car wash at 2:00 when Ryan should have been sleeping. It will probably take me all weekend to get him back on schedule - lucky me!
Anyway, Ryan got a big boy hair cut yesterday. It looks cute, but I hate it! He looks so.....
grown up I guess :( I guess I miss his little baby fringe in his eyes, but seriously he was starting to look like he belonged in a Beatles cover band! I tried to get a pictrue last night to share, but he was a little tornado of action and wanted nothing to do with pictures. I will try again tonight!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nothing to say, other than the weeks is half over!

YAY! Wednesday means I am closer to 13 weeks and that, hopefully, I will not be sick much longer! WOOHOO!
Monday we will get to hear our littlest one and I can't wait! I think that is the second exciting part of pregnancy (after seeing the double line of course, and before seeing the bean on ultrasound).
I am pretty sure I have not gained any weight yet as my belly is bigger but I am still wearing all my normal clothes. Last time I checked I had lost 4 pounds, but I don't know how accurate my dad's scale is. I guess we will find out Monday.
I am listening to XM Radio on line right now and it is the song from the movie Single White Female. I loved that movie! Shortly after it came out I started college and, I swear, the first person I became friends with at school had the same short cool hair cut as Bridget Fonda. Sadly, she was almost as wacky as the other girl -- who was that??? Jennifer Jason Leigh? Yup - I just checked it out. Oh well, I met a lot of very cool people through her. Actually I am only still in touch with is Kara. Anyway.
I have absolutely no direction in this post - sorry!
Tonight Ryan goes swimming again and I am going to hit the treadmill for the 45 minutes he is in class (Rob will take him). I need some form of excercise as I am a total slug these days.
After swimming is LOST! I can't wait - it has been entirely to long since we have seen a new episode!!!!
Okay, back to work now!
HEY -- as I gather from everyone else's blog it is De-Lurk week! So come out come out where ever you are! If you read and I don't know you, introduce yourself! I won't bite! I promise!
Also, a few people have signed the guest book on Ryan's babiesonline site. If you found it from here let me know! I am just nosy!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Baby dreams

I have had a few dreams during this pregnancy about the new baby. Most I can't remember after I wake up and one was so terrible I wish I could forget it. Last night I had the most vivid dream to date.
I dreamt I was giving myself an ultrasound - it seems a friend's aunt had an ultrasound machine at her house that we were using - don't ask. And there HE was - the most perfect little baby boy ever (outside of Ryan of course), just swimming and kicking and blinking his little alien eyes. And he was a boy. Which is interesting considering my gut has been saying girl since I knew I was pregnant and I generally put a lot of stock in that since I KNEW Ryan was a boy and I believe I even said "I told you so" to Rob during the ultrasound.
This is going to make the next 6 weeks so hard! This little bugger had better cooperate and let us see what he or she is!!!
Did anyone else know before your ultrasound or birth what you were having?

Friday, January 06, 2006

15 months

Ryan will be 15 months on Sunday! Ask him and he thinks he is 2 going on 3! Really he is such a bog kid in a little body, but he has always been like this!
His new thing is to try and go down the stairs the correct way. Hey, he even tries to hold on to the railing. Alas, mean mommy still makes him go down backwards as it is the safest way to get down for him.
What else is new in Ryan's life?
He started swim lessons on Wednesday and the little dolphin LOVES them! I'll have to get some pictures! He splashes, kicks, laughs and claps. He also has no fear about jumping off the edge and into the water. I think my heart skipped a beat but he LOVED it! The class he is in is for 6 months to 3 years, but I can see him getting bored so we are probably just going to take advantage of open swim after this session and then sign him up for class again next winter. By then the new one can join in!
He is such an easy going kid these days! He still fights some naps, but sometimes he even requests them by going up stairs and trying to climb into his crib! What more could we ask for?
Still on a 2 nap a day schedule. One is usually an hour and one closer to 2. If he misses one of these look out! He becomes trouble central! Mostly splashing in Nico's water and throwing dog food around the kitchen.
Ryan has a 6th sense for when dinner is almost ready and will try to climb into his high chair about 10 minutes before we sit down! Last night he had a mini-meltdown and sat under the chair and cried until we gave in a fed him! Hey I am not about to starve the boy!
Finally, Ryan will let us read to him again! YAY!!! Actually he will now bring me a book, and plop down on my lap and let me read the whole thing. Sometimes twice! Because of this, and his instantance at bringing the same books over and over, I can now proudly say I can read 3 Sandra Boynton books from memory!
Back to eating almost anything! We had pasta primavera Wednesday night and Ryan spit out his zuchinni. I reminded him that he ate it all summer long and he handed it to me and said "no no no, Mommy". I guess he told me! Carrots are a staple veggie, and Ryan will now try to pick out his own snacks from the cupboard. Since I try to keep junk food out of the house, or at least out of his reach, I will generally let him have whatever he picks. Except for the day he tried to get me to let him have dog treats for a snack. I draw the line there!
It seems that every day is a language explosion in our house! We are now trying to get Ryan to say please when he demands something "this!" or "up!". So far the only use of please is when he wants a snack and we have said no. he will then hang off the cabinet and whine PEAS over and over. Last week I gave him a bag of frozen peas. He asked for it! That really angered the munchkin!
He doesn't combine 2 words yet and he still insists on calling Nico DOGGIE and not by his name. No matter how hard we try! Funny, if you ask Ryan to say Nico he will say doggie every time. He is right, Nico is a dog (don't tell him that!), but he also has a name and I hope Ryan will some day use it!
I could go on all day about my sweet, genius child, but I really need to get some work done now!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A posting about Puke

In the past 24 hours I have thrown up 5 times. Three of those have been at work - oh the joy of that, one at home in the guest bathroom (much cleaner than the main bathroom), and once in the shower.
I have thrown up crackers (triscuits - really bad!), lunch (again with the poppy seed dressing, that did me in while I was pregnant with Ryan too!), and a nice warm mug of lemon tea -- surprisingly tasty the second time around!!!
I am tired of being sick.
I am tired of being tired.
I am tired of whining about both....
I want a nap, a calm stomach, and a clean house.....

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A funny Rob story....

So I took yesterday off to finally take down all our Christmas decorations. We got the tree undecorated (which I find so sad) and then Rob proceeds to yank the tree through the living room doorway the wrong way. You know what I mean, the way that makes the horribly dry needles ping all over the house? YUP!
I will most likely be sweeping needles up for the next 3 months.
I love him, but he does everything the hard way!

11 weeks

Here is my pregnancy update:
As my first trimester approaches a close I am anxiously awaiting the end of the horrible morning sickness! When I was pregnant with Ryan it wasn't gone until closer to 16 weeks so I am being optimistic that it will disappear faster this time (think positive thoughts with me here!).
I have tried the Unisom with a B6 vitamin and it works - sometimes. It is hit or miss. I have been trying to figure out what I am doing differently on the days when I don't wake up throwing up and I have come up with nothing. I have not lost or gained any weight since my initial 2 pound loss so that is good, but I am really worried that G2 is not getting enough vitamins from me. I am unable to take my prenatals. The children's vitamins the midwife told me to take are not sitting so well most days so I skip them. This amkes me feel so bad! I never would ahve considered skipping a vitamin when I was pregnant with Ryan, what makes it different this time around? My diet is atrocious! I am making a more concious effort to eat better since I feel like this little one deserves the same healthy foods I fed the fetus Ryan.
I think this week may be the last week I can wear my regular pants! I can't wear my normal jeans any more, but my cotton work pants have still been fitting. I have noticed they are getting a little snug and I usually end up with them unbuttoned by the end of the day. My shirts are all short now because of my chest being a FULL CUP larger than normal!!! That I am not going to complain about!
I have noticed a marked increase in exhaustion in the last week. Shouldn't that be lessening around now? Could it be because of my terrible diet/ inability to keep many foods down?
My next midwife appointment is in just less than 2 weeks and hopefully we will hear a little heart chugging away! I can't wait! Ryan will be coming with me to that appointment since it is a holiday and I will not be working so he won't be at the sitter's. I know he won't understand it at all, but I am excited to have him there!

New Year Goals

I have decided to ditch the resolutions this year! I never stick to them with the exception of the resolution I made 2 years ago to TRY and like the guys my friends were in love with. It actually worked! Of course, Dana and Jim broke up (thankfully, I really disliked him) and Kara's now husband Dave turned out to be an okay guy (we just got off on the wrong foot) and is now Rob's movie buddy!
Anyway, here are my GOALS:
□ Clean out Kitchen
- put away any small appliances rarely used on shelves in basement
- clean out pantry and throw away / donate (to church) anything not used

□ Clean out attic
Sort by garbage, store, sell
Put hinges on storage space and utlize it.
Make Rob go through boxes to identify keepers v. garbage

□ Arrange attic into 2 or 3 parts
Office/guest room
Play area?

□ Arrange garage sale / Ebay items.
- begin listing on Ebay anything that will sell

□ Organize closets (ours, Ryan’s & guest room)
Use the closet organizer from basement in our room?
Get under the bed storage for our sheets

□ Move guest room furniture to attic

□ Make donation of sheets, towels to animal shelter

□ Weed through Ryan’s books
Make collection for new baby
Donate any duplicates

In addition to these "projects" I plan to go to church more and I have embarked on a monthly meal calendar inspired by Linda! I have made January's calendar and so far (4 days into it) we are on track! This way I know exactly what I need to buy at the store and we all know what we are having for dinner. Avoiding the hour long conversation that ends with fast food which none of us need right now!
So this is probably a pretty boring post - sorry!
It is more for my records than anything. I will post again today and I promise to make it more interesting :)