Friday, April 28, 2006

Long over due update....

Ryan had his 18 month well baby visit on Monday. He is 32 inches tall and 22.3 pounds. According to the NP this is the 60th percentile for height and 10th for weight. Now honestly, Ryan is much, MUCH shorter than most children his age (not just 40% of them) and he is even shorter than most babies 6 months younger than him. This leads me to believe that the ever so accurate method of measuring a wiggling child is not so accurate!
Nothing else to report from the visit. He is healthy, happy, and smart. We had no issues for them and they saw nothing out of the ordinary. 2 shots and we are done until he is 4 - YAY!
Last night we went shopping and I actually bought Ryan clothes this time. Of course, I bought him 2 pairs of 18 month shorts from Children's Place and brought them home for him to try on. Yeah, they are capri pants on him! And way to big in the waist! I guess I should have gotten the 12 months! I also got him 2 onesie t shirts for $2.49 each!!!! And I had a 15% off coupon! YAY ME!
Little Miss
L.M. is not so little anymore! This child has apparently grown massively in the last week because I went from looking a little pregnant at Easter to "OH MY GOD YOU'RE HUGE" pregnant this week!!! Her tiny fluttery movements have become more along the lines of Kung Fu movements and are now visible from the outside.
Up until this week I was eating terribly. Well, I was eating well. Too well actually! And too much! Now my appetite has gone down a little and I am starting to crave healthier foods! Ryan and I went grocery shopping Sunday and I think we spent $50 on fresh produce! YUM! We bought grapes, apples, strawberries, avocados, black berries, canteloupe....
No news is good news I am guessing! I have not heard from the midwives regarding my 1 hour glucose test so I assume I passed it! YAY! I did take it pretty early (24 weeks) since I had failed with Ryan, so there is a chance that I may have to take it again (like if I ever spill sugar into my urine). Next appointment is May 8th and comes with an ultrasound! L.M.'s Fairy Godmother, Kara, will be joining us to get a sneek peek at her soon to be Goddaughter! I am very excited, but (and this is warning, Kara) SHE HAD BETTER NOT CRY OR I WILL CRY AND ROB WILL DIE OF EMBARASSMENT!!!
The construction on L.M.'s room is completed! One set of blinds are hung. The other needs to be cut since the window is not straight and the blind doesn't fit on the inside by less than 1/8 of an inch! Seriously! The mattress arrived yesterday and the rest of the furniture should be in this weekend. I can't wait to start putting the room together!
Left to do:
Get a rug
paint the strawberries and butterflies on the walls
get rocking chair (this will my Mother's day gift from my mom)
find a mobile (Ryan is not willing to part with his aquarium yet)
Paint the heart table to look like a strawberry
get lamps
I think that is it.....
Just as the room was being finished we developed a leak in our small downstairs bathroom. It leaked all over the place and under the linoleum and made a major mess. We are in the process of getting that fixed. The sink & toilet are in the basement right now. The floor has been removed, and new TILE has been purchased. The contractor was supposed to do it this week, but we have not seen him yet (this is what happens when friends hire friends. You don't pay much, but we are bathroomless for almost 2 weeks now!)
I am getting the bug to do some landscaping and I have a friend of my sister's coming tomorrow to give me an estimate.....
YIKES this is really long!
I should get back to work now!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm becoming a widow...

A hockey widow...
The Buffalo Sabres have made the play offs - whoppee! Can you sense my excitement??!
My huband actually moved our "date night" this weekend to accomodate the play off schedule! The first evening out we have been able to have alone and he moves it so he can watch hockey?!?! UGH!
Have I ever mentioned how much Ryan LOVES to watch "OCKEY!!!"? It's almost obsessive - and I was actually wondering where it came from! HA!

Monday, April 17, 2006


I only have 99 days until my due date!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

45 down and 35 to go, 18 months, 25 weeks

So what is the proper ettiquette on wedding thank yous? A year right? Oh wait that is for giving a gift. Apparently I should have had the thank you card written by Christmas. Well, I have had a stack of them written and sitting on my desk at work since November, but I decided this week that I REALLY need to finish writing them! So I am back to writing 10 a day! I will have them done by Monday and in the mail! YAY for me! I have written 45, well really Rob wrote like 5 of them, and have 35 left to write. I feel like such a slacker and they are hard to write now. What do I say?
"Thanks for the money - we have already spent it like 2 drunken sailors on leave" That just doesn't sound right! And in our defense, yes, most of it is gone, but we got a new furnace, central air, a new couch, and the remodeling of Little Miss' room.
18 months
Ryan turned a year and a half this past Saturday!! We celebrated the date by going to an Easter Egg hunt at a local library. He had such a great time! We got to decorate a foam egg, color, hear stories (which Ryan bypassed and chose to keep coloring), and then hunt for eggs. Each kid could take 2 eggs. After showing Ryan what he was looking for, he managed to find 5 eggs!!! What a smarty!
He is getting very bossy with other kids and the dog and actually received a time out for making a baby cry this weekend. His favorite activities are going outside, climbing on anything he can find, going outside and climbing, riding in his wagon outside, trying to put the dog in the wagon - this does not go over well, and spending time with mommy!
Verbally he is well into 2 word sentances and some would be 3 if he only remembered the please at the end of it! He makes decisions - milk or juice (which, by the way is water, but he thinks he is drinking juice!), what to wear - I let him pick out his jammies every night, which stories to hear before bed, etc. The funniest thing this month is his use of "um"!
Typical conversation:
Me: "Ryan, what do you want to drink"
Him: "ummm, milk. No No No Juice!"
It is so cute, but it really makes me notice how often Rob and I say um and it is much higher than I ever thought. I, of course, blame my use of it on pregnancy brain - I can never remember what I was about to say!
25 weeks
Or as my midwife pointed out to me on Monday, Little Miss could be here in as little as 12 weeks! YIKES!
My most recent appointment went well. I am measuring on target, have gained 12 pounds - which they don't think is a lot, but seems a little high to me. That would put me at less than where I was with Ryan at this point though!
Next appointment - May 8th with an ultrasound to check the placental location and then we are going to do every 3 weeks instead of every 2 unless there seems to be a problem of some sort (lets hope there isn't).
I really need to sign up for the breastfeeding class soon - I think there is one in May I should go to since June will be so busy with my mom's surgery and rehab.
That is another story for another day....
Oh, we found a new babysitter - Ryan starts May 1st with her. It was hard to do since we are so happy with our current sitter, but her new house is just to far from us and from my office to make sense for us to stay with her....