Thursday, April 05, 2007

9 & 30

So I am a little late in posting Rachel's 9 month post and a little early in Ryan's 30 month post - it balances out!
9 months! How did that happen? She is such a sweet little girl and so darn cute as you can well see!
This past month brought Rachel's first illness - not sure what it was, but she was sick for a good 2 weeks and so was I! Fun times I tell you. She had a cold and then her eyes were all goopy, and then the cough, and fatigue - she slept 20 hours on Rob's birthday! Being cautious about her preemie-ness I had her at the doctor 3 times. So after 3 visits, one chest x-ray, and a round of antibiotics (for the alleged early stages of an ear infection - I am a bad mommy, I didn't give her the full dose) it was determined that we probably had the flu. We are recovered and Rachel received her very last EVER Synagis injection 2 weeks ago. She was 17 pounds even. She sees the pediatrician next week for her well baby visit.
Rachel easts like a champ! She still nurses 4 times a day (or takes a bottle) but the good news is that she will now take a little formula with her BM! YAY! I only have to pump once a day now! She eats what we are eating for the msot part. If we are having something heavy or spicy she has macaroni. Her pincher grasp rocks now and she focuses so intently on her food that meal time with her is very enjoyable.
Last week my FIL watched the kids and gave her: 1/2 a pice of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, watermelon, and then a jar of baby food! That was the night that I was christened in puke by one of my kids! Fun times all around. Of course Rob was working and she did it 3 times and then had 2 nasty diapers. She was fine after that though.
Rachel sits like a champ. She also rolls when she wants to and reaches for everything she can get her chubby little hands on. Still does not want to use her legs at all and would rather lay than sit. She gets her developmental eval this month as well.
She is right on target socially! She played peek a boo last weekend for the first time (well the first time that she initiated the game, she will kiss you bakc but only if you make a bog MWAH! when you kiss her. She says Dada to Rob occasionally and MaMa when she is tired, hungry, or upset (aren't I lucky?). She laughs and loves to be tickled and played with. She hates baths passionatly and is very leery of Ryan still. He can play with her but only when she deems it to be okay. Yes, she is a princess!

2 and a half! WOW! That sounds so much closer to 3 than I ever imagined he'd be! He is quite a personality. 85% of the time I want to kiss him and 15% I want to strangle him! I am guessing it is typical 2.5 behavior!
Still talking up a storm and still challenging me at every turn
Since I am just finishing this up a month later I can't remember which Ryanisms are from March and which are from April so I will just post them in the next post I am doing (later this morning!)