Friday, January 26, 2007

Month 7

It is so hard to believe that the Rachel Girl is 7 months old already!!!
It has been an uneventful month for her (which in my opinion is a good thing). At her last Synagis injection she was 15 lbs 2 oz (I am guessing about 26 inches). It was funny - she was happy and laughing until the nurse walked in the house and she saw her. Took one look and started to cry! Poor Baby KNEW what she was in for. She had her normal 3 days of a runny nose after the shot (how weird is that).
Rachel is still not rolling over. She can go tummy to back but only once (and she was really angry) has she gone back to tummy. I like to think it is laziness, but I am beginning to wonder if it is something more. If she hasn't mastered it in a month I think we will go see the doctor again. Other things she doesn't do - bear weight on her legs. Again something I hope she masters this month. I think her efforts have been so focused on growing for the last 7 months that her development has taken a back seat. Perhaps that will change soon!
Ryan is the most hysterical 2 year old I have ever known! He uses complete sentences on a pretty regular basis and I think we can understand what he is saying 95% of the time. He understands so much more than I thought he could at this age, but I am so glad for it. He loves doing "projects" with his baby sitter and coloring pictures for everyone (although paint is his preferred medium!). We took him to see D*sney on Ice last week and he had such a great time! Totally worth the $8 popcorn, right? Most recent cute Ryanism: Last night I was feeding Rachel some sweet potatoes and Ryan was whining for some pudding. I told him he had to wait and asked him to tell his sister a story while he waited. He thought for a minute and then said "Once upon a time there was a big, Big BIG monster. He ate all the pudding. The end!" I laughed so hard I got tears in my eyes! Ooh and he told me when I was home sick with a wicked sinus infection Monday that I was "pretty like a princess". Just one more way my boy is being groomed to be the perfect husband :)

Happy Friday!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Check out the legs!!!

I love baby rolls!!!