Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My beautiful youngest child....

And he is still a HE!!!

He is already a chunker - weighing 2lbs 14 oz at 27 weeks! He could be a 9 pounder when all is said and done.
Everything else is excellent! Placenta has moved to a safe place, my BP was 100/60 and I passed the 1 hour glucose with a 113 - YAY me!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I can't even post once a month!!!

So it has been 6 weeks since I last wrote! Sorry!
Here is our life in bullets....

  • Rob is insanely busy at the new restaurant. Never home but the business is good. It has slowed down some this past week and I am no longer feeling like a single parent

  • We bought this

We really had no choice with 3 in car seats. As much as I said I would never own a mini-van I actually enjoy it. It is pretty tripped out - power doors, XM radio, and all the jazz. *sigh* I am a mini-van mom now....

  • Ryan attempted soccer classes. He is just not ready for them I guess since he spent the entire 45 minutes making trips to the bathroom and back to me for water. We tried twice and then decided we won't try again until next year. He seemed so excited though....

  • Rachel did this:

So we really have no idea how but she ended up with a buckle fracture of her left leg (tibia? fibia? I don't really remember what they said). I picked her up on a Thursday from the sitter and she was crying and miserable. She had done this a few nights before so I thought she was maybe teething (although she had never been cranky about it before). She spent all night like that until she fell asleep on my lap. I went to play with her adorable toes and she started screaming again. It was then that I realized that her leg was a little swollen looking. Friday at 10 we went to the pediatrician and after that, Xrays, and an ortho visit she was sporting her cool purple cast. 2 weeks later and she is as good as new! There was no defining injury (although she did take a tumble at my mom's the night before the pain seemed to start) and she had napped in a pack n play (ruling out her leg getting caught in the crib bars). Unsolved mystery of toddlerhood I guess! Oh yeah, the line of questioning about it at the ortho's office was kind of insulting to us!

  • Ryan had a birthday!

3 years!!!! I can't believe it has been 3 years already! He is an amazing child. So fated to become an attorney with his amazing arguing and bargaining skills. Got a clean bill of health and development at his well child exam this week. And a flu shot which he wasn't 2 happy about but the stickers seemed to make it better.

  • Speaking of development: Rachel is doing wonderfully in her physical therapy! of course there are now concerns about her communication and self help/adaptive skills being delayed. We are scheduled for another EI evaluation in a month to see where she is at. I don't think she'll qualify for services yet, but she is probably pretty close to needing them. She wasn't even that early a preemie, but she is definitly working very hard at keeping up with her peers right now!

  • I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant!!! No complications from the previa to date (knock wood) but I did take a nasty fall Sunday that sent us into a panicked tizzy! No need to see the midwife as I had no conractions, no bleeding, and good kick counts from G3. Another 2 weeks and we will see if the placenta is cooperating and double check the gender since the pictures and videos we have seem to resemble Rachel's U/S more than Ryan's.... Hey, they have been wrong before!