Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year Goals

I have decided to ditch the resolutions this year! I never stick to them with the exception of the resolution I made 2 years ago to TRY and like the guys my friends were in love with. It actually worked! Of course, Dana and Jim broke up (thankfully, I really disliked him) and Kara's now husband Dave turned out to be an okay guy (we just got off on the wrong foot) and is now Rob's movie buddy!
Anyway, here are my GOALS:
□ Clean out Kitchen
- put away any small appliances rarely used on shelves in basement
- clean out pantry and throw away / donate (to church) anything not used

□ Clean out attic
Sort by garbage, store, sell
Put hinges on storage space and utlize it.
Make Rob go through boxes to identify keepers v. garbage

□ Arrange attic into 2 or 3 parts
Office/guest room
Play area?

□ Arrange garage sale / Ebay items.
- begin listing on Ebay anything that will sell

□ Organize closets (ours, Ryan’s & guest room)
Use the closet organizer from basement in our room?
Get under the bed storage for our sheets

□ Move guest room furniture to attic

□ Make donation of sheets, towels to animal shelter

□ Weed through Ryan’s books
Make collection for new baby
Donate any duplicates

In addition to these "projects" I plan to go to church more and I have embarked on a monthly meal calendar inspired by Linda! I have made January's calendar and so far (4 days into it) we are on track! This way I know exactly what I need to buy at the store and we all know what we are having for dinner. Avoiding the hour long conversation that ends with fast food which none of us need right now!
So this is probably a pretty boring post - sorry!
It is more for my records than anything. I will post again today and I promise to make it more interesting :)

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Mrs. Flinger said...

I'm in the same phase: clean and purge! Good luck on that. I'm still working on the back room but the garage is done (mostly) :-) don't it feel great to get organized?