Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ryan's second Christmas and a pregnancy update

We all survived Ryan's first "real" Christmas (cause, come on, he really was just a blob last year!).
Christmas Eve
We tried to keep the day as normal as possible to avoid a melt down later. See, I am a firm believer that regularly scheduled naps and meals make a happier baby! We went to a 4:30 church service at Rob's family church. I am not a huge fan of their services, I guess because I was raised in a very traditional Catholic church that never allowed for Christmas trees or any other secular holiday items. During the service we went to, they sang a very secular holiday song about wrapping presents and decorating trees. It was weird!
Ryan spent the hour in the nursery. Turns out that the grand-daughter of one of Rob's co-workers was also there. Ryan and N. have met before and apparently are a little in love! It seems they spent the entire hour holding hands and kissing each other!!! She actually cried when we tried to take Ryan home! It is cute and touching but scary at the same time!!!
After church we got back in the car and I was hit by a horrible, overwhelming odor that caused me to open the door, puke in the church parking lot, and begin cursing Rob out for leaving food in his car!!! Nope, turns out something is leaking in his car AGAIN and making the rugs all moldy. The fun!!! They can't even look at it until next Monday!!!!
Anyway, we spent the evening at my Dad's. Ryan got this play kitchen that I am pretty sure is bigger than my own kitchen! I honestly don't know where we are going to put it! I am considering taking it back and getting a smaller one. We have a fairly large house, but no room dedictated to toys. This would have to be an outside toy and then he would only get to play with it for like 3 months out of the year! What would you do?
Christmas Day
Honestly, we had to wake Ryan up on Christmas morning!!! We needed to be to my mom's at 9:30 for breakfast and presents and by 7:00 he still wasn't up so I had to get him!
He had a blast! I can't wait to download all our pictures! Some if the toys Santa brought him included: Fridge Phonics, a tricycle, a sit and spin (Daddy bought that one!), many books, a new CD, some bath toys..... I am sure there are more, but I am slightly brain dead from it all!
We headed over to my mom's where he obtained a radio flyer wagon from his Aunt Renee, and countless toys from Grandma. Grandma also had a wooden toy box made for him - very nice, and bought us one of those storage racks with all the different bins. Also nice, but really big! We are in the process of re-arranging our family room since we are getting rid of our HUGE space killing heater that we no longer need now that our furnace is new and the ducts are actually connected! Hopefully we will be able to accomodate the new toy chest/storage thing.
So after breakfast and present, I put Ryan down for a nap in the pack and play at my mom's. What does she do? She proceeds to BITCH the entire time he is napping about how nice it was for us to come over and then put him to sleep!!! Is she serious?!?! Does she not understand that my child NEEDS sleep? NO, she really doesn't. She is always pestering me to take him places during naps or bedtime and when I cave (she is really persistent) he is miserable for DAYS!
I have decided that NO MORE! From now on, family events are planned around Ryan's sleep schedule and if she has a problem with it, tough!
After his nap we headed over to Rob's parent's house for more gifts and dinner (can I tell you how stuffed we were by the end of the day?!?!). Ryan got 84,000 more toys he doesn't need and that I don't have room for.
This year we decided to do a name draw amongst the siblings. It just got so expensive. We all picked names and everything was good. Everyone seemed to stay in the $50 limit although my gift was a $25 gift certificate, a mug and some tea so probably less than $50 but who cares? At least it was less junk to take home.
The day after Christmas Ryan and I napped for a total of 4 delicious hours! Oh, and my mom bitched again because Ryan and I left my gradparents after a half hour because it was nap time.
Since this post is long, I will save the pregnancy update for tomorrow....


Kara said...

I am totally with you on the sleep/nap thing!! Why don't people understand?? Is it because it's been so long since they've had babies or is it because they know they won't have to be the ones to put up with a whiny, grouchy child?? Burns me up all the time!

Joana said...

The nap/sleep thing is a HUGE issue in our house too. My in-laws are always trying to pressure me to keep Jackie up for one reason or another. Are you kidding me!?! She is a nightmare when she doesn't get enough sleep! We just have to stick to our guns, because like I always say, they don't have to deal with a grumpy baby for days on end..we do!

If you decide to take back the big kitchen Ryan got, there's this tiny little one from Little Tykes I got for Jackie on Amazon that only cost $15. She loves it!

Becki said...

Scottie got the same kitchen! My husband had to give up 1/2 of the basement so we could turn it into a playroom for Scottie and that kitchen. Its cute though!