Wednesday, January 18, 2006


So I never should have bragged about not being sick in a whole week.
This morning - BAM! Could be that I thought I was in the clear enough to forgo the Unisom, but I guess that was foolish. I am going to keep taking for at least a week, and try and stop at 14 weeks. I just hate medicating for anything, but I also hate loosing my whole morning over the toilet (or into the river - more on that below)
My new strange puke place
This morning, while walking to a meeting the wind whipped my (way too long) hair into my mouth and caused an instant wave of nasuea. Followed immediately by the need to hurl. The only thing I could think to do was to lean over the bridge and hurl into the mighty Genessee. If you've ever seen this river before (or smelled) you can imagine I am not the first person to do so! I just hope there was nobody below.....
Bizzare pregnancy dreams
In the entire 41 weeks I was pregnant with Ryan I never once had a vivid sex dream. Not so much the case this time around! Last night was full of them! Normally I would enjoy this, but I feel so guilty. Not a single one was about my husband! NOPE, they were all about this guy!
Now it could be because we are going to see him LIVE this Friday night and I am very excited about it, but honestly? I was more than a little embarrassed to face Rob this morning.
Oh, and in my dream he drove a tan Ford Escort! Such a rock star car, huh?


rachelayn said...

Sorry you're sick again. Hopefully the meds will keep it at bay.
At least the dream was about someone Rob would approve of:)

HawleyFamily said...

Hopefully the morning sickness will not last very long! I hate feeling that way!

Your sex dream cracked me up! When I was working and pregnant I had one about my boss and could not face him for a week afterwards without feeling weird!!