Wednesday, January 04, 2006

11 weeks

Here is my pregnancy update:
As my first trimester approaches a close I am anxiously awaiting the end of the horrible morning sickness! When I was pregnant with Ryan it wasn't gone until closer to 16 weeks so I am being optimistic that it will disappear faster this time (think positive thoughts with me here!).
I have tried the Unisom with a B6 vitamin and it works - sometimes. It is hit or miss. I have been trying to figure out what I am doing differently on the days when I don't wake up throwing up and I have come up with nothing. I have not lost or gained any weight since my initial 2 pound loss so that is good, but I am really worried that G2 is not getting enough vitamins from me. I am unable to take my prenatals. The children's vitamins the midwife told me to take are not sitting so well most days so I skip them. This amkes me feel so bad! I never would ahve considered skipping a vitamin when I was pregnant with Ryan, what makes it different this time around? My diet is atrocious! I am making a more concious effort to eat better since I feel like this little one deserves the same healthy foods I fed the fetus Ryan.
I think this week may be the last week I can wear my regular pants! I can't wear my normal jeans any more, but my cotton work pants have still been fitting. I have noticed they are getting a little snug and I usually end up with them unbuttoned by the end of the day. My shirts are all short now because of my chest being a FULL CUP larger than normal!!! That I am not going to complain about!
I have noticed a marked increase in exhaustion in the last week. Shouldn't that be lessening around now? Could it be because of my terrible diet/ inability to keep many foods down?
My next midwife appointment is in just less than 2 weeks and hopefully we will hear a little heart chugging away! I can't wait! Ryan will be coming with me to that appointment since it is a holiday and I will not be working so he won't be at the sitter's. I know he won't understand it at all, but I am excited to have him there!


Joana said...

I can't believe you are almost out of the first trimester!! WOW! I hope you start feeling better soon.

Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, man, you brought back the memories! I was super super sick with LB until week 18. I threw up at least five times a day. I did the unisome/b6 thing, too. For me, I stopped feeling sick when I did 10mg Unisome and 10mg b6. It's not what I was prescribed, but a friend did that and it totally worked. of course, I didn't try that until week 18, soooo, who knows.

Don't feel bad about the vitamins. I know what they say and it's great and all, but I ate pringles, poptarts and KFC (the only things I could keep down) and I couldn't take ANY prenatels. I was soooo sick and it made it worse.

And still, LB is healthy as a horse. :-)

rachelayn said...

Don't worry about the vitamins. They are more for you than the baby. Worst case scenerio is that after you give birth, your hair and your teeth may just fall right out! Seriously, the baby takes all the stored vitamins and minerals in your body, so a healthy diet and vitamins are mainly for mom!
I hope your sickies go away soon!

Rachael said...

Eh, I stopped taking vitamins when they made me sick with both pregnancies. Gavin is totally healthy. The baby will take what he needs, the vitamins are for your sake.
Can't wait to hear about your next visit! Do you have an official Due date yet?