Friday, January 06, 2006

15 months

Ryan will be 15 months on Sunday! Ask him and he thinks he is 2 going on 3! Really he is such a bog kid in a little body, but he has always been like this!
His new thing is to try and go down the stairs the correct way. Hey, he even tries to hold on to the railing. Alas, mean mommy still makes him go down backwards as it is the safest way to get down for him.
What else is new in Ryan's life?
He started swim lessons on Wednesday and the little dolphin LOVES them! I'll have to get some pictures! He splashes, kicks, laughs and claps. He also has no fear about jumping off the edge and into the water. I think my heart skipped a beat but he LOVED it! The class he is in is for 6 months to 3 years, but I can see him getting bored so we are probably just going to take advantage of open swim after this session and then sign him up for class again next winter. By then the new one can join in!
He is such an easy going kid these days! He still fights some naps, but sometimes he even requests them by going up stairs and trying to climb into his crib! What more could we ask for?
Still on a 2 nap a day schedule. One is usually an hour and one closer to 2. If he misses one of these look out! He becomes trouble central! Mostly splashing in Nico's water and throwing dog food around the kitchen.
Ryan has a 6th sense for when dinner is almost ready and will try to climb into his high chair about 10 minutes before we sit down! Last night he had a mini-meltdown and sat under the chair and cried until we gave in a fed him! Hey I am not about to starve the boy!
Finally, Ryan will let us read to him again! YAY!!! Actually he will now bring me a book, and plop down on my lap and let me read the whole thing. Sometimes twice! Because of this, and his instantance at bringing the same books over and over, I can now proudly say I can read 3 Sandra Boynton books from memory!
Back to eating almost anything! We had pasta primavera Wednesday night and Ryan spit out his zuchinni. I reminded him that he ate it all summer long and he handed it to me and said "no no no, Mommy". I guess he told me! Carrots are a staple veggie, and Ryan will now try to pick out his own snacks from the cupboard. Since I try to keep junk food out of the house, or at least out of his reach, I will generally let him have whatever he picks. Except for the day he tried to get me to let him have dog treats for a snack. I draw the line there!
It seems that every day is a language explosion in our house! We are now trying to get Ryan to say please when he demands something "this!" or "up!". So far the only use of please is when he wants a snack and we have said no. he will then hang off the cabinet and whine PEAS over and over. Last week I gave him a bag of frozen peas. He asked for it! That really angered the munchkin!
He doesn't combine 2 words yet and he still insists on calling Nico DOGGIE and not by his name. No matter how hard we try! Funny, if you ask Ryan to say Nico he will say doggie every time. He is right, Nico is a dog (don't tell him that!), but he also has a name and I hope Ryan will some day use it!
I could go on all day about my sweet, genius child, but I really need to get some work done now!!!


Giselle said...

I laugh about Nico being doggie because it reminds me of Andrew. He insisted that hammers were called "foe". We would try and get him to sound it out. "Huh, Huh, Hammer" And Andrew would say, "Huh, Huh, Foe". Lord only knows why it was foe.

Aren't they fun at this age?

Rachael said...

I lauged so hard over the frozen peas! Man these boys are just growing up too fast. 15 months already? CRAZY!