Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nothing to say, other than the weeks is half over!

YAY! Wednesday means I am closer to 13 weeks and that, hopefully, I will not be sick much longer! WOOHOO!
Monday we will get to hear our littlest one and I can't wait! I think that is the second exciting part of pregnancy (after seeing the double line of course, and before seeing the bean on ultrasound).
I am pretty sure I have not gained any weight yet as my belly is bigger but I am still wearing all my normal clothes. Last time I checked I had lost 4 pounds, but I don't know how accurate my dad's scale is. I guess we will find out Monday.
I am listening to XM Radio on line right now and it is the song from the movie Single White Female. I loved that movie! Shortly after it came out I started college and, I swear, the first person I became friends with at school had the same short cool hair cut as Bridget Fonda. Sadly, she was almost as wacky as the other girl -- who was that??? Jennifer Jason Leigh? Yup - I just checked it out. Oh well, I met a lot of very cool people through her. Actually I am only still in touch with is Kara. Anyway.
I have absolutely no direction in this post - sorry!
Tonight Ryan goes swimming again and I am going to hit the treadmill for the 45 minutes he is in class (Rob will take him). I need some form of excercise as I am a total slug these days.
After swimming is LOST! I can't wait - it has been entirely to long since we have seen a new episode!!!!
Okay, back to work now!
HEY -- as I gather from everyone else's blog it is De-Lurk week! So come out come out where ever you are! If you read and I don't know you, introduce yourself! I won't bite! I promise!
Also, a few people have signed the guest book on Ryan's babiesonline site. If you found it from here let me know! I am just nosy!


Kara said...

It's de-lurk week? I'm going to have to announce that one on my blog!

Anyway, I'm here!

Joana said...

I'm here too. Pukey as ever. Plus, I think the pregnancy brain is kicking in. Doh! Hope you're feeling good.

Jess said...

I'm here...I need to do this de-lurking thing too!

Terri said...

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