Thursday, July 21, 2005

Anyone know where I can get a bubble to put my kid in???

It is common knowledge among these parts that I am a world class klutz. Now it seems that my son is following in my foot steps! Yesterday morning I was going about my routine and Ryan was climbing all over everything including me. Oh he was also shaking the mirror while I was putting on make up (THAT explains the weird looks I got on my way into work - I am sure my eyeliner looks wonderful). Well, I had just finished straightening my hair and was in the process of pulling the cord out of his reach and BAM! Yup, Emeril appeared to make us breakfast! No really, Ryan had pulled the flat iron down! I screamed, he screamed, he cried and I checked for boo boos. None visible, but he kept rubbing his ear with his thumb. His ear wasn't even red, so off we went. During dinner last night I noticed that he has a HUGE blister on his thumb! HUGE like the whole top of his thumb. I feel so bad :(
A little research into how to treat burns and I panic! everything says that blisters mean second degree burns and to call the doctor right away! UGH!
I rationalize that most likely they mean big burns and lots of blisters. This morning it was big but not as big. I decided not to call the doctor.
In addition, the boy has had diarrhea for 6 days now. That is a long time and a very sore bum. I have not worried about it because he is still having wet diapers, but now the combination of the two has prompted me to place a call to the doctor. I am waiting for a call back....
Oh, and Rob called 10 minutes ago to tell me that Ryan split his lip trying to climb onto the bed (I guess he hit the bed frame)! First of all, what is a 9 month old doing climbing onto the bed and second, where can I get a bubble for him??? And some tranquilizers for me????


Joey99 said...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm with you! I'm less-than-graceful myself (a nice way to say total klutz!) and I'm afraid that Megan has inherited it from me, too! If you find that bubble, let me know so I can get one, too!

imstacy said...

Andrea, I think it gets worse as they get older. Sorry, I'm sure you didn't want to hear that, huh?

My boys always seem to have some sort of cut, bruise, bump, you name. Except Ian, were now on seven months with him and he's lucked out. :) I remember taking Ethan in for his 2 year check-up worried the doctor was going to think I was beating him. From knee to foot on both legs he was and is always full of bruises. She laughed and said it was very common, that they worry when kids get them on their back and belly. I guess that can be a sign of abuse.

If poor little Ryan gets a rash from the runs I highly recommend Butt Paste. I always used Eucerin Healing Ointment for diaper rash or sore butts. But, when that didn't work Butt Paste did in one use. It's awsome!!!

Good luck at the doctor.

Mrs. Flinger said...

LB fell down and hit her eye on the chair the other day. My lord, you would've thought she was dying with all the crying we did.

Then I pinched her little finger in the cupboard door as I closed it (she put it in the hinge). Between the two of us, I'm going to be gray and old by 30 (uh.. in three months). :-)

So, I totally understand.

joanatx said...

Poor Ryan!!! Jackie is into the climb on everything, fall down and smack her head and/or chin stage. Isn't it awful? We definitely need bubbles!