Friday, July 08, 2005

Where were you...

9 months ago today?
I was in a bed at Rochester General Hospital anxiously (okay, painfully) awaiting Ryan's arrival!
So hard to believe that it has been 9 months already!
He goes for a check up next week so I don't have any physical stats to report, but here is a list of Ryan's achievements:

  • Crawls (combat style), pulls up on everything, sits when and where he wants to (paying no attention to the dog's head he just sat on)
  • Says "Dada" "mom-mom" "da" (that is dog) and "up"
  • Eats everything! Ryan decided he no longer wants baby food, so he is self-feeding more meals than not now
  • Claps
  • waves
  • plays peek a boo
  • can put the right shapes in the right hole on all toys and actually tried to hammer in a ball that didn't fit
  • loves swimming (pools, bathtub doesn't matter)
  • sleeps 8 hours at night - most nights. Let's face it - this kid will never be a good sleeper!

Those are his big "milestone" achievements. Some other funny ones are:

  • Peed standing up in the tub last night
  • tries to tell me that he is mom (a game we call "I'm mom")
  • mimics me blowing my nose
  • coughs for attention - especially during meal times if people are actualyl have a conversation without him
  • cries when the ice cream cone is taken away (and whoevers cone it is has to hide to finish it)
  • "pets" Nico - translated to sees dog, squeals, race crawls to him, grabs fur, and bites. Yes, we are working on this
  • My favorite: Will randomly grab your face and plant a big old slobbery open mouthed kiss on it!


Amazing how this tiny little
baby has become

This fun loving, 9 month old wonder!


joanatx said...

Happy 9 months, Ryan!!!!

Stacy (badgerfan) said...

Andrea, he looked so tiny when he was born! So precious!! He is so adorable and I just think he's got beautiful blue eyes. :)

Happy 9 months Ryan!!!

Miriam said...

Wow, he's such a lovely boy.
It is amazing how fast they grow isn't it?
Happy 9 months Ryan!

jess said...

What a beautiful entry, Andrea! Ryan sure is growing fast!! I think he looks like his daddy :)

Mama C-ta said...

Ohhhhhh, he was/is so cute!! Happy 9 month bday Ryan!