Thursday, July 14, 2005

Heat, growth spurts,PMS, and everything else....

We are having the hottest summer on record! REALLY! All I can say is that I am glad I am not pregnant this summer! Last year wasn't that hot and was bad enough for me!
Our house is over 90 degrees by mid-day and this morning the thermostat read at 82 degrees! 82! It was only 75 outside - now that is HOT! My poor dog looks like he is wilting - all he does is lay on the wood floor in the living room. He spreads himself way out so that as much of his doggie body as possible is touching the floor. Is he smart enough to seek refuge in the bedroom which has A/C? Of course not - he would not be able to look out the window and bark at everyone (or everything - he howled at a garbage bag rolling down the street once) that passes. You can lead a dog to A/C but you can't make 'em stay!
Ryan is FINALLY having a growth spurt! The kid is still wearing 3-6 month clothes at 9 months! We went to the Dr for a weight check a month ago and he had only gained a half a pound in 2 months. Now, you look at pictures of my kid and think "he is kind of chunky. Why would they be concerned about his weight?" Well, it is because he dropped his curve so drastically in 6 months. He was in the 75th for weight and 95th for height at birth and 2 months, the 50th for weight and 35th for height at 4 months, and the 30th for weight and 20th for height at 6 months. The doctor was only mildly concerned about the drop in curve so we are watching it for a year. She said she is not surprised that he is on the shorter end since I am only 4'11 and Rob is only 5'5 (yes, we both should have procreated with taller people, but what can you do?!?!)
CRAP - I have a meeting!
I'll finish later!
okay, I'm back - you missed me didn't you?!?!
Anyway, Ryan has been getting up around 1 am for a bottle for the last 3 nights and sucking it dry in 4 minutes flat! My little chubber!
PMS.... I no longer think I am pregnant, but rather suffering a severe case of PMS! Quite honestly, my boobs don't hurt anymore! I was completely nauseous last night, but then it was hot enough to fry an egg on my kitchen floor so that really might have been it! That being said, I still plan on testing tomorrow. Tomorrow is CD 26 and I got a positive on CD 25 (sort of) and really on 26 when I was pregnant with Ryan. My reason for testing? Aside of loving to pee on sticks? I am supposed to go to Zoo Brew tomorrow night! Knowing there is only a small chance that I actually am pregnant I do plan on knocking back a few (very few as I am such a light weight these days) and I will feel better if I see only one line on a test tomorrow morning (and before I get bombarded with emails telling me that I could get a negative and still be pregnant, I repeat - I am fairly, like 90% sure, I am not pregnant and no, I would never do anything that could potentially harm my unborn child). Oh, and I am getting my hair colored tomorrow too! The horror!
I am having lunch with a work friend today - we are going to Olive Garden because I am poor and my lunch is free there - Rob is the Culinary Manager there. We are having Rob's parents for dinner tonight (with fava beans and a nice Chianti - sorry I couldn't resist!). I got a yummy rosemary lemon marinade for the chicken shish kabobs, and we are having rice pilaf and grilled zucchini fresh from future FIL's garden. Oh and Al's Lemon Ice for dessert - my absolute favorite! I love this stuff so much that my dad brought me some while I was in labor and the mean nurse wouldn't let me have it! Dad was crushed thinking it would have been okay since it was clear and all. Damn if I didn't catch my sister chowing it down!!!
Okay, now I really should get back to work!!!
Tomorrow's post: my weekend plans!


Kara said...

I'll be thinking about you and your pregnancy test...not sure if I should be hoping it's a positive or a negative... :)

joanatx said...

Jackie just recently outgrew her 3-6 month clothes too! She is in the 25% for her weight...quite the skinnie minnie. She does eats like a little piggie though. :)

Your dinner plans sound yummy! Mmmmmmm.

Joey99 said...

I'm still laughing at the Silence of the Lambs reference...I haven't seen that in YEARS (maybe I need to rent it now)!

I've never heard of Al's Lemon Ice before, but now you have me craving it. What a mean sister for eating your special treat while you occupied! ;-)

imstacy said...

You know, it's nice to hear about someone else who has children on the smaller side. Even though Ian has some rolls, at his six month check-up he was only in the 5th percentile for weight and the 25th percentile for height. His doctor isn't concerned as he's following his growth curve. He is still in his 3-6 month stuff, showing no signs of out growing it anytime soon. I'm hoping he has a good growth spurt soon, as I bought him some really cute 6-9 month summer outfits.

I know it's a given, but Olive Garden has the BEST salad ever!!

Andrea said...

Kara - I wasn't sure if I should be hoping for a positive or negative either!!!
Joey - Al's is a mom and pop place here in town that makes wonderful lemon ice! You can buy it at some Italian import shops in the area, but generally it is only available at their stand (in the GHETTO) or at festivals. Since my dad carries a gun - he's a cop - he is willing to go directly to the stand for it. We are not so brave!