Monday, July 18, 2005

For those who care about my cycle

Af is here with a vengance - perhaps angry that I doubted she was arriving????
Cramps, headache, exhausted - yup she's here!
While I am relieved to not have to worry about cramming a big pregnant belly into my very well fitting wedding gown, I am still slightly sad to not be pregnant.
That being said and all this current drama behind us, I am now going to start charting tomorrow morning! For real this time! I just need a thermometer that has a lighted display so that I don't have to turn the lights on....


Rachel said...

Only a couple of months before the wedding and then you can "go for it" again!
I don't know what kind of themometor you have but mine would store the last temp taken. That way you can just take it, and write it down later if you want. But don't forget to write it down (like I did a few times) before taking your temp again!

Anonymous said...

Fertility is a great place to track your cycles. Just thought I'd suggest it.

Good Luck!

Andrea said...

To anonymous:
I used fertility friend in the past and just started using it again this cycle!
Thanks for the tip though! Hope you keep reading!