Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nico the Wonder Dog!

Most likely this blog will be full of cute stories about Ryan. So that we never forget who my first baby is, I introduce to you - NICO


  • Nico is a mix of Papillon and Japanese Chin. His mom, Stella, was Chin and his dad, Buddy, was a Papillon. Here is a picture of Nico with his parents:
  • Nico was born on November 6, 2002. Rob and I adopted him in March of 2003 while we were both still living in separate apartments. Nico was a great car-rider since he was shuttled back and forth so much. He is not anymore (he will whine the entire time he is in the car)
  • I named him! He is named after Nico from All My Children (he has not been on the show in many years). I don't watch soaps anymore, but I did in high school. If I ever get another dog she will be named Cecily (that was Nico's wife!)
  • His favorite toy just bit the dust. Poe (yup, I name my dog's toys!) was almost 2 years old. R.I.P Poe
  • He has a very loud, annoying bark. He barks at every thing!!! Kara's Fiancee can imitate his bark better than anyone we know!
  • Nico LOVES Ryan! He has since the first day we brought the baby home
  • But he likes to lick the baby way more than we should! Honestly, the baby ended up with soaking wet hair one day!
  • He really leaves all of Ryan's toys alone (except the occasional pacifier). If only Ryan would do the same.
  • Nico doesn't know he is a little dog (shhhh, don't tell him!). He thinks like a Great Dane. I admire his self-image.
  • His favorite place to sleep is right between Rob and me. I promised him he would never loose that right. I lied - sometimes the baby sleeps there.
  • He is "severely under weight". I have switched him to puppy food and extra treats. He still hardly eats. I am very worried about this, but the vet is not.
  • Before Ryan was born, I took lots of silly pictures of Nico


joanatx said...

Nico looks like quite the lovebug. :-)

Mama C-ta said...

I love dog stuff, he's so cute. I'm hoping not to push my 2 aside when my son is born! They are after all my "first born."