Monday, June 27, 2005

Something to look forward to....

Tonight I get to try on my wedding dress! I can't wait! I have been having nightmares for weeks about it not coming in. Now I am having the "it's not the right dress" and the "it is 5 sizes to small" nightmares. Tonight should be my mind more at ease. Now I can start having nightmares about forgetting to bring crucial things on our trip this weekend.
Yup, we are heading west! We are going to Detroit for the long weekend (I get Monday AND Tuesday off!) to visit Rob's extended family. This will be the first time I will be meeting his father's parents (and aunts and uncles) so I am a little nervous. Of course I realistically understand that they are much more interested in meeting Ryan than me, but that just causes me to obsess over his outfits for the weekend even more! Yes, I have an addiction to cute baby clothes - mostly I like to dress Ryan like a little man (khakis, Hawaiian shirts, sandals - that is my favorite outfit!). He just looks so darn cute!
I am sure I will remember to bring everything this weekend - how could I not, I already have a list going! I did, however, dream that I forgot diapers! I woke in a panic, but really I think they may have diapers in Detroit so if I forgot I could probably pick them up somewhere!!!

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