Thursday, June 30, 2005

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Want to know exactly how long a person can stay alive on no sleep? I seriously feel like I am about to find out! Turns out that Ryan's 2 front teeth are now coming in. This is in addition to the ones on either side of the front teeth that have been coming in for over a month now! Teething is fun!!!
We were up every 45 minutes last night! YUP! I saw every hour on the clock and I am now sitting at my desk trying to not put my head down and close my eyes....
There used to be an editor here who frequently fell asleep at his desk - his career was short lived! Funny though, he used to snore while snoozing at his desk! My friend Dana and I tried so hard to wake him up one day -- we slammed books onto a book case next to his desk, kicked the cube wall next to him, and even called him! To this day I wonder if he had some medical issue that caused his sleepiness (I know he didn't have a teething child keeping him up at night - maybe his cat was teething?)
Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE satellite radio??? When Rob bought his car last year we got 3 months free of XM Radio. I assumed after those 3 months we would cancel the service, but it ROCKS! So much so that I jealous that my car doesn't have it :( Have no fear - with our subscription I get access to the on-line service! WOOHOO! Commercial free radio all day at work! I really need to get a portable satellite radio for my car! I am currently listening to the 90's station. For some reason I am incredibly nostalgic for my college years (Oh, and Stacey I graduated from college in 1996 and will be celebrating the 1st anniversary of my 30th birthday this summer!). Whatever happened to Joey Lawrence's music career????
Sometime I will have to post pictures of some of my outfits from the 90's - I swear they were funnier than the 80's clothes!
Things to do...
I have so much to do at home that I can not focus on the product I am supposed to be working on today!
I am so behind - I have an new baby gift for our cousin's baby (a crocheted blanket and BRU gift card) who was born in FEBRUARY! AND a birthday present for Ryan's second cousin who turned one in MARCH - I have not mailed out either of these yet! Fortunately we are going to see both of them this weekend so I will just bring the gifts with us. All I have to do is wrap them!
  • Wrap the gifts
  • PACK
  • Get swim diapers (W*almart didn't have any smalls)
  • wash the dog (he is going to my mom's for a few days and then my sister is bringing him back to our house)
  • Get the dog's stuff packed up (food, greenies - crap! I forgot the greenies at the store yesterday, treats, toys....)
  • Finish laundry
  • unload dishwasher (since every bottle is in there)
  • run the vacuum and clean bathroom

Seems like a lot. I wish I had tomorrow off - sigh....

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