Saturday, June 25, 2005

Who is this chick?

Since I know no one is reading yet (I am sure since I have not sent a link out yet!) I feel a little strange writing all about myself to thin air, but here it goes:
1. My name is Andrea Marie
2. I was not named after anyone in particular although both my parents had a grandma named Marie
2. Born and raised in Rochester, NY (well raised in the 'burbs) - I ahve lived here all my 30 years minus the 4 I was in Niagara Falls for college
3. I was a band geek in high school
4. I spent my summers marching in Drum Corps. thus making me a year round band geek
5. I am a mommy!
6. To Ryan Anthony born October 8, 2004
7. after 28 hours of labor
8. and 4 hours of pushing
9. It was as far from my "birth plan" as we could have gotten without surgery
10. I was 41 weeks and 4 days when he was born
11. and 0 cm dilated before the contractions started
12. I did not breast feed my son
13. I regret this every day
14. I plan on breast feeding my next baby
15. who I hope to conceive shortly after our wedding in October!
16. Yes, I am an "unwed mother"
17. We got engaged on January 26, 2004
18. and saw the 2 pink lines on January 28th!
19. We were very excited
20. but very freaked out!
21. The only thing I hate about not being married yet is that my son and I have different last names
22. I feel like we are already married
23. We have both felt this way since we met -
24. In November 2002
25. We were introduced by friends (his friend married my friend, blah blah blah)
26. OH, my fiancee is Rob
27. WE grew up 2 streets away from each other
28. and went to the same college
29. with the same major
30. and never met
31. Do I believe in Fate? HELL YES (See above)
32. I was in a terrible relationship when I met Rob
33. He was a serial cheater
34. who gave me chlamydia
35. he was also a fireman
36. the site of fire trucks makes my stomache turn
37. My son's favorite toy is a fire truck!
38. My grandpa was a fireman - him, we love
39. My dad is cop - 35 years of service
40. His uncle is in the "family business"
41. Oh yeah, I am Italian American
42. Sundays at my house look like the set of the Sopranos
43. I make a mean sauce
44. I am a legal editor
45. I ahte my job and my co-workers
46. I want to be a stay at home mom
47. or a children's librarian
48. I almost have a masters degree in library science
49. I really need to get back to school
50. My house is 90 years old and I LOVE it!!
Okay, the boy is waking from his nap so I will finish this tomorrow!

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