Monday, June 27, 2005

51 - 100

So the weekend escaped me (don't they always?). It is almost 90 degrees out already today - one of the only reasons I am glad to be working and not home sweating....
I think I left off talking about my house.....
51. Technically, it is Rob's house, but I decorated it so I take ownership rights!
52. I lived in the same house from the day I came home from the hospital until I graduated from college
53. My mom and sister still live there
54. I have one sister, Renee (26) and a half brother T.J. (14)
55. My parents separated when I was in the 4th grade
56. Dad remarried 2 weeks before I started high school
57. My mom has never remarried
58. I think she suffers from depression
59. and I wish she would treat it
60. I worry all the time about the hereditary aspects of it
61. I was so afraid I would suffer from Post-Partum Depression
62. I am grateful I didn't
63. I now hate Tom Cruise for his cruel remarks about Brooke Shield's battle with it
64. I am a closet Bon Jovi fan!
65. I think Jon Bon Jovi is one of the hottest celebs
66. I watch Super Nanny and Sports Moms and Dads so I can see how I don't want to be as a parent
67. There are 14 pictures of Ryan in my office cube
68. 4 of them were brought in before I even returned to work
69. My favorite holiday is Halloween
70. I have 3 rubbermaid containers full of decorations for it
71. And I bought Ryan's costume before he was even born
72. He was a giraffe
73. An ADORABLE giraffe
74. My son amazes me every day
75. Watching him play and eat are the 2 things I find most incredible
76. Some mornings I cry when I leave him at the sitter's
77. Other mornings I am glad to be leaving
78. I don't think that makes me a bad mom!
79. Some of my earliest memories are playing at my grandparents on Sundays with my cousins
80. We used to read a book about a squirrel named Susie
81. It was a favorite because one of my cousins is named Susie
82. My sister and I never got along as children
83. She is one of my best friends today
84. She watched my son come into this world
85. I was amazed since she can't even watch ER without getting light headed
86. She can't think about his birth now with feeling ill!
87. She wants to watch next time
88. I hope there is a next time
89. I only have one ovary that works
90. and scare tissue from the "gift" my ex left me with
91. I want to visit all 50 states before I die
92. I have been to 32 of them
93. my favorite food is Chicken Fingers
94. I can't eat Cesar salads since I got so sick on one while I was pregnant
95. Donuts, V8 juice, banana bread, and poppyseed dressing are also on that list
96. I eat breakfast every day
97. And I drink 3 liters of water a day
98. I have struggled with my weight all my adult life
99. I am not overweight
100. Most days I think I am!


Mama C-ta said...

Hi Andrea!

Thanks for visiting my site! I look forward to reading yours and your 100 things was a good place to start!

Your son is adorable!!

moosejulie said...

Great entry, Andrea! Very cute way to get to know you :)

Joanatx said...

I love your new blog, Andrea! Keep those entries comin'. :)