Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Back to reality

Today I came back to work at 8:00am, and by 8:15 I was ready to go home!
Since Rob and I were not able to go to Mexico for the week we spent it with Ryan and had a GREAT time!!!
We ate out at least once a day (hey, we have a ginormous refund coming from the travel agency), slept in - yup! Ryan can now sleep until 8:30 - ahhhhh!, watched lots of scary movies, picked pumpkins, and generally had a good time! I love my guys so much! And today I miss them incredibly....
I meant to post all week, but time got away from me.
I have some pictures, but not many - here are a few from the wedding and pumpkin picking:

Ryan and the pumpkin he wanted! This one is from Papa's garden
Okay that's all you get since I saved some pictures that were sent to me from Shutterfly and they are all the wrong pictures -- I hate shutterfly for that!
I will post more tomorrow - Ryan in his costume and hopefully at leats ONE wedding picture!


joanaTX said...

What a cutie!!

Dawn said...


Congratulations on being a MRS!!
Ryan looks like a little man in that picture.