Thursday, November 17, 2005

Start Spreading the News....

So, Rob and I had an interesting conversation last night about when to tell people that I am pregnant. I, of course, have already told all of you and my friend Sarah at work. I only told her because she caught me (almost) puking in the bathroom and she knew we were going to start trying after the wedding so she would ahve figured it out anyway.
Rob wants to wait the 12 weeks! 12 weeks! That is AFTER the holidays!!!!
I am more inclined to tell our immediate families at Thanksgiving. After all, if something happened I would want their support. This will also solve the dilema of my MIL buying me ugly clothes for Christmas!!! YAY!!
I can see his point. This summer when we were in Michigan his cousin announced that they were having another baby having just found out that morning. She miscarried 3 weeks later. This was after they had told all their cousins and second cousins, etc. How sad for them to have to tell everyone about the miscarriage. But our close friends and parents? I think we should tell them next week - what better way of celebrating Thanksgiving?!?!
Anyway, I am still exhausted and so sick after lunch every day (but so hungry before it). I have been good other than that!
I have started bidding on some maternity clothes from Ebay since I will need winter wear that I don't have. I have 3 pairs of long pants and the rest are capris! I didn't need maternity clothes util late April last time around and I imagine I will be needing them by the end of Janaury this time. Cool timing though, I will be 19 weeks on Rob's birthday. I am hoping to be able to schedule our ultrasound for his birthday. What a great present for him! He, by the way, is convinced we are having a girl. Me? I am saying boy all the way!!!! Hey, one of us is going to be right!!!
I have found the perfect boy bedding and while I have a theme in mind for a girl, I have not seen any bedding that goes with it yet. I know, I have plenty of time:)


Mrs. Flinger said...

YEY YEY YEY@!!!! How'd I miss that you were knocked up? :-) YEY for y'all! Hey.. still.. you never know.. I mean, we are NOT using the most reliable birth control.

We struggled with this a lot, too. I felt that I wanted to just tell people because if I DID miscarry, I'd rather have the support. But then again, that could hurt more than help.. so.. it's up to you, really.

WOOOOOOP!! 21 months apart.. girl.. you're nuts/stronger than I am. :-)

Becki said...

How about waiting till Christmas? That would be far enough along and still part of the holidays, right?
Start looking for girl bedding; I'm hoping its a girl!

Jess said...

I agree with Becki...I would totally try to hold out for spilling the beans at Christmas! You could think of something really clever...

teachermom said...

Hey - WOW! Congrats! I missed the news, too. How exciting!!!


Rachael said...

I am sooo behind on blogging! CONGRATES!!! WOO-HOO!!! Ry is going to make an awesome big bro!
I told everyone the day I found out. Which I wasn't even 4 weeks yet. I guess I think it's kind of morbid not to say anything "just in case". But that is me. Pregnancy is a MUST tell for me :).
So any inkling on what you may be having? I thought Boy and I was right both times!