Monday, November 21, 2005

If you're happy and you know it....

Ryan has recently begun singing "If You're happy and You Know It" thanks to Elmo.
You see, we have this Elmo puppet/book thing and Ryan REQUIRES at least thrice daily readings of it. Last night at dinner (which BTW Ryan ate CHILI and quite a bit of it!) he started singing and then clapping, and singing and clapping. After a few minutes Rob recognized the cadence as that of the book! HURRAY for my genius baby!
He has also discovered that everyone has a belly and he like to point them out by pulling up your shirt, blowing raspberries on your belly and exclaiming "BEEBEE".
He also walks around all day with his shirt pulled up so that his Buddha belly hangs out. Just another example of him looking just like my Grandpa D.
Ryan met his first real bully this weekend! Friday afternoon I decided that Rob and I have now been married a month and maybe I should actually change my name now! It took 2 minutes, but over an hour wait in the Social Security office (now there is a fun place to spend the afternoon - I think I disinfected both our hands about 80 times before we left and then SCRUBBED them before we had lunch!). During our wait we took 84,000 walks, tried to shut the door 90,000 times, picked up 76,000 nasty things off the floor and got smacked across the face by a 16 month old brat named Liam. OOOOOOOOH was I angry! Fortunately the kid's sister who was watching him (she was 16) actually disciplined him, but that didn't stop him from trying again. Eventually the armed security guard got up, went to the window, and arranged to have their number called next (why couldn't it have been me next?!?!).
What an experience. Poor Ryan didn't know what to do!


Mrs. Flinger said...

We TOTALLY played with that book in Borders the other day and she loved it! I saw you commented about it on my blog. We adore ELMO here (ok, mostly Lauren, but I don't mind so much) and you're right. What a great book.

Sorry 'bout the Bully. :-(

instamom said...

i have been thinking of good books to get our kids for christmas. they LOVE elmo videos. we may have to get them the book.