Monday, September 19, 2005

Vacuum and Bon Jovi (so not related)

Rob and I had a "couple's shower" this weekend courtesy of his mom. It was a super sweet gesture and we really did appreciate it. HOWEVER, only 3 couples that we are friends with were able to make it, so it was all Rob's parents friends. AND there were games! Not just any games, but Toilet Paper Bride like games. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate all things tacky including games! Anyway, I feel I was a good sport about it and I even wore the tacky baseball hat with the veil (it matched my gaucho pants and sparkly tank top perfectly!).
The best part of the shower was this! Our house is mostly harwoods, but the family room, where we spend most of our time, is carpeted and our vacuum sucked (or didn't as the case may be). I was excited that I wanted to vacuum as soon as we got home!!! I contained my excitement and didn't pull it out until Sunday morning! It kicks BUTT!!! So powerful, so sleek.... so worth getting married for (just kidding!)
Ryan spent the evening with a paid babysitter. A 15 year old girl from the Girl Scout Troop I used to lead. He was perfect, especially considering he boycotted his naps on Ssturday. She says he went to bed at 7:15, which is an hour earlier than normal, but we was sound asleep when we got home!
As you all know I am a freak for Jon Bon Jovi! Today is my lucky day! IN honor of the release of "Have a Nice Day" - the new album, Xmradio is playing all Bon Jovi all day on one of its stations!!! How cool is that? How cool are we that Rob's car has Xmradio and we get an internet account with it? YUP! I have been listening to vintage and new (like the whole new album) Bon Jovi all day! I am actually bummed that I need to leave early today and that I don't have it in my car yet (Santa - are you reading?).
Sooooooo, lots more going on - Rob may be moving to a different restaurant soon, but would have to work out of town for 4 months. I'll post more when we have more details.
I feel like going home and vacuumming some more now!


rachelayn said...

Wanna come vacuum my house? It get excited about the same kind of stuff. It's what happens when we get all domesticated:) Happy vacuuming:)

rachelayn said...

I meant to type "I" get excited over the same kind of stuff.

Jess said...

Yay for wedding showers! Nice vacuum, by the way :) We got a nice set of vacuums as well. I didn't have too many cheesy wedding games...ugh the toilet paper bride...I definitely remember that from Valerie's shower! You are getting soooo close!

Joana said...

I recently bought an awesome Kenmore vacuum and my husband was making fun of how much I love that thing! Have fun with the new your new present. :-)

Recho said...

AOL has a tie up with XM... so you can listen to almost all XM stations over the net at AOL Radio .... Just FYI... Best wishes for your wedding :-)