Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dream a little dream...

So now that Ryan has (finally) figures out that sleep is a good thing, and the consecutive sleep is even better, I should be sleeping well too - right?
I know have all the wedding stress doing funky things to me - like causing terrible wedding drama related nightmares. I can't imagine another month of this! Last night takes the cake though... I had probably 400 mini-dreams about wedding disasters.... Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but here are the ones I can remember:
1. It was 2:00 and all my bridesmaids and I were at the salon still, no one had their hair done yet AND nobody knew where their dresses were.
2. For some reason I moved the location of the photographs before the ceremony and never told the photographer, so he was MIA
3. I forgot Rob's ring. Now, I know that it is not my responsibility that day but for some reason it was in this dream. I think I used a twist tie in place of a ring!
Yup, it's official - I have LOST it!
oooooh, speaking of LOST -- season premiere is TONIGHT!!! Rob and I have been talking about it for weeks! We are such dorks, but we are really excited about it!
In addition to the wedding stress, we have Ryan's birthday party in 18 days! UGH! At least I got the invites out over the weekend, and now I just have to order the deli trays, finish the favors (they are candle holders made out of baby food jars -- I saw it in Parents magazine MONTHS ago and thought it was cute!), buy the paper goods (since we got slightly flooded on Friday and weren't able to get to the store), and add one more picture to his digital scrapbook so that I can have it printed up and available at his party. Oh, and I should buy him a gift, huh?
Those who's babies have just or are celebrating their 1st birthday's soon (Joana, Rachael, Mrs. Flinger) what have or are you getting them as a present? Anyone else who has idea feel free to answer!!!
I have seen a ton of toys that I think are cool, but Ryan has so much that I can't imagine him ever needing more. He doesn't need much in the line of clothes (although my sister is going to buy him his winter coat - a pea coat! He will match Daddy AND Mommy - we are such preppy dorks!). I know he will get so many presents from his generous friends and family that I feel we don't need to spend much. Honestly, I don't remember ever getting elaborate birthday presents from my parents -- that's what grandparents are for!


Kara said...

This is terrible, but I didn't get Jamie anything for his birthday. I figure the party was enough and he won't remember anyway, right?

Joana said...

Jackie has TONS of clothes and toys too, so I was pretty stumped on what to get her for her B-day. We ended up getting her a Disney Princess nightgown, (won't Ryan look cute in that?) ;-) a Minnie Mouse T-shirt, a Leap Frog Little Touch Leap Pad and game and a JoJo's Circus DVD since she adores JoJo and can even say JoJo! Honestly, she had more fun playing with all the gift wrap and bows. Heehee.

BTW, everybody else bought her so much stuff I didn't even have to worry that much about it!

teachermom said...

Hey, I'm here to tell you that wedding stress is NOTHING compared to having a baby and being the parent of a newborn/infant. So, relax and enjoy! :)


teachermom said...

Oh, and on the bday gift front...

I agree with Kara that the kiddos hardly remember their first bdays and get soooo much from everyone else that a large gift is hardly necessary.

Having said that, we got our daughter, for her 1st bday, one of those collapsible ball pits. It says for 3 and up, and there are no choking hazards...I think you just shouldn't leave them in there unsuprevised because maybe they could suffocate in all the balls? We used it when she was a year - just didn't put many balls in, and always had it out only when we were in the room. She LOVED it (and still does, at 2.5)! And, it was only $25 or $30.

Enjoy the first bday! Time flies!!!