Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pass me the aspirin....

Yes I have a massive headache and it could be caused from many things. Let's take a look shall we?
1. More wedding drama. A few different things really. Rob's cousin thinks they are bringing their 9 month old child to our adult only reception. I picked my veil up yesterday only to find that it has a tear in it! UGH! I called the shop and the clerk tried to tell me that I must have put it there!!!
The actual conversation went something like this:
ISG (idiot shop girl): Are you sure that it didn't happen after you left the shop?
BB (blushing Bride): I am very certain I didn't rip it
ISG: Are you sure you didn't rip it?
BB: Actually I did rip it. I didn't think there was enough drama in my wedding plans
ISG: (silence)
BB: Please leave a message for the shop owner to call me back about this. Thanks!
See, why me? I get all the crazies... I also made the mistake of telling my mother who started stressing about it and threatening small claims court, etc. STOP THE DRAMA!!!
2. Work sucks! Seriously sucks. Morons are being lauded for things that yes they have done, but at the expense of everything else. I am stuck with a crap load of work because someone on my team feels that kissing ass is a more important task than her actual work load. I also have a company wide project I am working on, but it is fun and not to time consuming.
3. I may be allergic to the perfume the girl in the cube behind me wears. I seem to have a headache every afternoon lately....
That or I need new contacts - which is more likely it!
Anyway, good news....

  • We got 10 RSVP cards in the mail last night!!! So much fun! I love mail. Everyone is coming so far!
  • I have been poking around my registry - Kohls and Bed, Bath, & Beyond if you care and LOTS of great things have been purchased!!! I am getting all new cookware, towels, silverware, kitchen accessories (spoons, serving pieces, etc.), a water filter, new bedding, sheets! My friends and family ROCK!
  • I visited my best friend and her new baby last night. He is adorable, and I know it is a cliche, but I don't remember Ryan being that small EVER (and I know he was). He has the most dramatic little cry so I have started calling him Drama.
  • Anyone else watch Entourage? I love it! Jeremy Piven is a hottie. Yes, I have very weird taste. My fave celebs are: Jeremy (hyper hottie), Harry Connick, Jr. (Cajun Hottie), Jon Bon Jovi (Rock hottie), and Tommy Lee (dirty hottie). No one can say I am not eclectic, right?
  • Ryan slept ALL night again! HURRAY!!!
  • Oh, I bought a breast pump (gearing up for number 2) from Stacy. She gave me a good deal - thanks, Stacy!

All right I am going to work some more so I can go home a little early and let the dog out and check the mail!!!


rachelayn said...

I'm with ya on Tommy Lee. So hot, sexy voice. Gotta love him.

joana said...

We LOVE Entourage!! I also think Jeremy Piven is such a hottie...and he's so funny. :-)

Jess said...

I've watched a few episodes of Entourage... I LOVE what I have seen of it. Not much of a tv person, but I really should watch it. I find Jeremy incredibly sexy also. He's not your typical "hot guy". There is something different about him, can't put my finger on it... Oh, I remember cheating and looking through my wedding registry before all of my showers and the wedding...FUN TIMES!

imstacy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jon Bon Jovi!! Ever since I saw Hope Floats there is something that is sexy to me about Harry Connick, Jr.

It's so fun and exciting getting all that new stuff. I've been to a lot of showers and weddings recently and it makes me want to get married again. :)

Andrea said...

You know, Stacy I think people should be allowed to register for anniversaries - like every 10 years or so! I got lots of new stuff when I got my first apartment, but that was 10 years ago and it all needs to be replaced now.

Mama C-ta said...

I loved getting the RSVP's even though I already knew who was/wasn't coming. Sucks about wedding drama, man I hated that stuff. And awesome on the registry!