Friday, September 16, 2005

Can I get an AMEN?!?!

I am glad to be posting lots of good things right now since I feel like I spend a majority of my blog time whining!!!
I went last night for the consultation on my wedding do and can I just say that I HEART my stylist!!! She did exactly what I wanted and in less than 20 minutes. She is the greatest! I also questioned about how much the bridesmaid's up dos would be since I am planning on paying for everyone's hair (there are 5 girls) and they decided to only charge me for 3 hair dos! Crazy isn't it? Well, Meg reasoned that 1. I did follow them when they left the salon my sister worked at and I have referred a bunch of people to them and 2. if I took everyone to my sister's salon I would get 50% off so they feel the need to stay competitive and 3. they consider me a friend! I love these girls! They are the girls who fight over cutting Ryan's hair and then don't charge me (and I mean fight to do it and a "I don't want to cut that maniacs hair - he is really good there HONEST! Could be b/c his first hair cut was at 5 months old!)
At the risk of cursing it, Ryan has slept straight through the night for 4 nights in a row!!!

He has also done this without a bottle meaning that he has now gone a week without a bottle at all!!! Honestly, I wasn't trying to wean him off it, he just seemed ready. All that's left is the pacifier and I am letting him keep that for a while since he only takes it at night now! My baby - so big, so fast!


I am ALMOST all set for Ryan's birthday. I have one more gift to buy him, paper stuff to get (which we are doing today), and I have the invites done, I just need to send them out - my mom has the address labels and the envelopes right now, but I'll be getting them tonight. I am a stamp freak who tries to match stamps to occasions, so I got the Disney stamps for the invites. Ironically, they are the ones I used for his birth announcements!

This is the picture we used: I cut out the background on it first, and yes, Ryan is having an Elmo party! He has honestly seen about 2 minutes of Elmo's World, but his favorite toys are all Elmo toys and he says "OOOOOO" every time he sees an Elmo somewhere. It just had to be done!


I think I have found a midwife I like -- I talked with the office manager and they are letting me schedule an annual exam without transferring my file in case I decide to stick with my OB, but I think it is going to be a good fit. They have a practice of back up doctors right in the same building and they offer labor support and breast feeding assistance (which I need being the flunkie that I am) so I am excited. I need to actually schedule the appointment today. That brings up an interesting point. I am now on CD 33. My cycles are normally 30 days, I am also 18 DPO. Very strange indeed. I took an HPT yesterday morning because late is late, but it was negative - which is good with the wedding in 5 weeks, but I still find it perplexing. I have felt like AF is coming any minute for 2 days so perhaps she is just slow this month... I am not concerned about it at all (yet, sort of, well, maybe a little....)

5. PICTURES (and I promise this is it!)

FINALLY I have some decent pictures of my whole family! Ones where Ryan is (sort of) looking at the camera, and Rob doesn't have the "how did I get here?" look he usually has in pictures. So, without further ado, I present: US

The Family The Boys The monkey & his parents


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