Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Calgon Morning....

Wednesdays are the toughest. Rob has to be to work at 6:00 so I have zero help with Ryan in the morning. Here is a run down of this particular Wednesday morning:
6:03 - alarm goes off (weird time I know)
6:10 - 11 month old alarm goes off - really Ryan is a total morning person - waking up happy and standing in his crib calling for someone, anyone.
Get Ryan, come back to my warm bed and turn the news on. Yes, we have a t.v. in our room - it was per Rob's request, but there are rules. Really we use it to watch the news in the a.m. and occasionally a 10:00pm show that I KNOW I am not going to make it through/
6:15 - Ryan-proof upstairs - gate on, guest room door closed, bathroom cleaned up and cabinets locked
6:18 - shower. This morning I didn't so much have to worry about where Ryan was since he decided to pull back the shower curtain every 2 seconds to say "hiiiiiii"
6:30 - chase Ryan around trying to get the home pregnancy test that he found in the only unlocked drawer in the bathroom (it is left over from a few months ago when I thought maybe I was PG - they came in a 2 pack).
6:45 - In bedroom getting dressed, hear Ryan shut the guest room door - the one that sticks.
6:46 to 6:58 - try desperately to open the door -- Ryan and the dog are in the room, my flat iron is turned on, and now Ryan is crying b/c I am making so much noise trying to open the door
6:59 - FINALLY get door open, hug baby, kiss baby, and continue getting ready for work
7:10 - wrestle Ryan out of Martian jammies and into decent clothes.
7:15 - carry Ryan, a pack of diapers, and the dog downstairs (while wearing heels I might add)
7:16 - chase dog back downstairs twice before deciding that he can pee his proverbial pants for all I care
7:18 - wrestle dog food out of Ryan's hands and listen as the screaming commences (thisclose to allowing it - he can use the protein!)
7:20 - make lunch, get my bag, Ryan's bag, the diapers and Ryan scooped up and into the car
7:22 - remove Ryan, his bag, and the diapers from the car, deposit at sitter's, remind her again to give Ryan a veggie at lunch (the boy can not live on bagels and turkey alone)
7:40 - arrive at work. Have co-worker tell me I look tired. Tell her to

Bite me (in my head of course, I need to stay employed).
So, how was your day?


Joana said...

Haha!! The proverbial pants bit really cracked me up. For some reason after I read that I kept picturing the doggie in real pants. ;-)

Jess said...

I am impressed at how quickly you get ready! That is a huge concern of mine for whenever I have a child. Trying to keep track of them while getting ready.