Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blog filler

By request from Jess:
10 years ago I was...
* a senior at Niagara University
* Working at Victoria's Secret
* Driving a 1988 Ford Escort
* wearing my hair in "the Rachel" - what was I thinking!

5 years ago I was...
* working towards a Paralegal degree
* living back at home after having my own apartment for 6 years
* meeting the jerk off cheating boyfriend of my past
* a size 2

1 year ago I was...
* anxiously awaiting my beautiful baby (who's due date was yesterday!)
* HUGE (see above)
* sitting at the same desk, editing the same books as today

Yesterday I was...
* playing hooky because my back hurt and I had lots of shower gifts to weed through
* having the first fitting of my wedding gown!!!!!!!!!
* very tired
* grocery shopping with my monkey who can climb out of carts now - eeek!

5 snacks I enjoy...
* cheese and crackers
* brownies
* warm chocolate chip cookies
* salt and vinegar chips
* Klondike bars

5 songs I know all the words to...
* Star spangled Banner
* The Fifty Nifty States (you know "Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, etc....")
* The number song from the laugh and learn home
* Livin on a prayer
* I give up - this is hard!

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars...
* pay off all our debt and our families debt
* set college funds for all my nieces, nephews and children
* adopt a child
* start a non-profit organization that gives low-income families books
* pay for a Moosejulie meet up somewhere fun - Vegas?

5 things I would never wear...
* White after labor day
* granny panties
* clogs (they make so much noise!)
* spandex
* a fanny pack

5 favorite tv shows...
* ER
* Law & Order: SVU
* Entourage
* Desperate Housewives

5 bad habits...
* procrastination
* blaming (I can pin anything on anyone but me!)
* snacking
* picking scabs (gross I know)
* drinking juice from the carton in the middle of the night

5 biggest joys...
* knowing Rob is always there for me
* watcing the boy figure out something new
* spending time alone with my guys

5 favorite toys...
* anything that entertains Ryan while I am making dinner
* My new Hoover Floormate - LOVE IT!
* The Eureka Maxima vaccum
* The kitchenaid mixer
* the internet

5 fictional characters I would date...
* Sawyer (on LOST) - not so much to date as to have a steamy affair with
* Jackson Landry (Shelby's husband) from Steel Magnolias - Tall, dark, handsome, lawyer, and RICH
* Dr. Ross (George Clooney on ER)
* Mark Darcy (from Bridget Jones)
* Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) - yummy southern lawyer with morals!

5 people I challenge to do this...
* anyone, everyone!
I hope you all had fun reading my blog filler - I am bored and brain dead so this is all I can handle right now!

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Jess said...

I had to laugh about spandex and fanny packs...now that is bad enough for people to be shot for wearing!