Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wedding pictures!

We got our pictures last week - 19 CDs worth of them! I have FINALLY gone through half of them and pulled out the best of the pictures.
I will share a handful of them here with you! They are all on OFOTO if you would like to see them all, email me and I'll send the link!

The rest of the posed pictures, pictures from before the wedding, ceremony, and the second part of the reception are at home right now and I am at work. I need to get working on these soon since I am making wedding albums for our families for Christmas!

Monday, November 21, 2005

If you're happy and you know it....

Ryan has recently begun singing "If You're happy and You Know It" thanks to Elmo.
You see, we have this Elmo puppet/book thing and Ryan REQUIRES at least thrice daily readings of it. Last night at dinner (which BTW Ryan ate CHILI and quite a bit of it!) he started singing and then clapping, and singing and clapping. After a few minutes Rob recognized the cadence as that of the book! HURRAY for my genius baby!
He has also discovered that everyone has a belly and he like to point them out by pulling up your shirt, blowing raspberries on your belly and exclaiming "BEEBEE".
He also walks around all day with his shirt pulled up so that his Buddha belly hangs out. Just another example of him looking just like my Grandpa D.
Ryan met his first real bully this weekend! Friday afternoon I decided that Rob and I have now been married a month and maybe I should actually change my name now! It took 2 minutes, but over an hour wait in the Social Security office (now there is a fun place to spend the afternoon - I think I disinfected both our hands about 80 times before we left and then SCRUBBED them before we had lunch!). During our wait we took 84,000 walks, tried to shut the door 90,000 times, picked up 76,000 nasty things off the floor and got smacked across the face by a 16 month old brat named Liam. OOOOOOOOH was I angry! Fortunately the kid's sister who was watching him (she was 16) actually disciplined him, but that didn't stop him from trying again. Eventually the armed security guard got up, went to the window, and arranged to have their number called next (why couldn't it have been me next?!?!).
What an experience. Poor Ryan didn't know what to do!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Start Spreading the News....

So, Rob and I had an interesting conversation last night about when to tell people that I am pregnant. I, of course, have already told all of you and my friend Sarah at work. I only told her because she caught me (almost) puking in the bathroom and she knew we were going to start trying after the wedding so she would ahve figured it out anyway.
Rob wants to wait the 12 weeks! 12 weeks! That is AFTER the holidays!!!!
I am more inclined to tell our immediate families at Thanksgiving. After all, if something happened I would want their support. This will also solve the dilema of my MIL buying me ugly clothes for Christmas!!! YAY!!
I can see his point. This summer when we were in Michigan his cousin announced that they were having another baby having just found out that morning. She miscarried 3 weeks later. This was after they had told all their cousins and second cousins, etc. How sad for them to have to tell everyone about the miscarriage. But our close friends and parents? I think we should tell them next week - what better way of celebrating Thanksgiving?!?!
Anyway, I am still exhausted and so sick after lunch every day (but so hungry before it). I have been good other than that!
I have started bidding on some maternity clothes from Ebay since I will need winter wear that I don't have. I have 3 pairs of long pants and the rest are capris! I didn't need maternity clothes util late April last time around and I imagine I will be needing them by the end of Janaury this time. Cool timing though, I will be 19 weeks on Rob's birthday. I am hoping to be able to schedule our ultrasound for his birthday. What a great present for him! He, by the way, is convinced we are having a girl. Me? I am saying boy all the way!!!! Hey, one of us is going to be right!!!
I have found the perfect boy bedding and while I have a theme in mind for a girl, I have not seen any bedding that goes with it yet. I know, I have plenty of time:)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ryanisms of the day

Ryan came up to me this morning while I was getting ready for work and handed me abook and said "happy". Clear as day! I asked him what he just said and he said "happy". The book was the Happy Hedgehog. I asked him if he wanted me to read it and he shook his head yes! of course, after 2 lines he closed the book and took it away from me!
Ryan can also put things away when you ask him and most times in the right spot! He helps me clean up the plastics he has scattered around while I am making dinner and puts his dirty clothes in the hamper when I ask (of course, he also puts blocks, slippers, and some clean clothes from the basket in our room in there!)
Even through all the tantrums he is such a joy!

Monday, November 14, 2005

The reactions....

Okay, so now I have had a day to digest the news and I am excited - still very freaked out, but very excited!
My biggest concern, I guess, is that Ryan is still a baby himself and now we are going to add another to the mix? Are we crazy (probably!)?
Rob got home sooooo much later than we thought he would - it was after 8:00pm. I couldn't contain it anymore, so after asking him how the game was, etc. I said "I know that our honeymoon being cancelled was really disappointing, but something really great DID come out of it" and I pulled the test out from behind my back. He was shocked! He kept saying "shut up!" and "Are you serious?!?!" and "WOW!". Of course I had to go and ruin the beautiful moment by starting to cry because I feel guilty towards Ryan for getting pregnant again so quickly and because I am still very overwhelmed that it happened this fast!
But, all in all, a good thing! Rob is so much more attentive already this time around. I think he was so SHOCKED by my last pregnancy that it took a while to sink in. We had some arguments in early pregnancy that were really related to him just being clueless about how I was feeling physically. This time around? He has already inquired twice about how I am feeling!
How am I feeling? Fine. Tired - no, make that exhausted! And hungry. That is it so far! And the mild cramping and very full feeling in my mid-section.
Last time the morning sickness didn't kick in until 6 weeks so I figure I have another 2 weeks of feeling good to go! Hopefully it won't be as bad this time around since all I wanted to do was sleep last time!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cycle Day 27

2 pink lines
holy crap!
P.S. I tried to get a picture but you can't really make out the second line, but it is there. Trust me and my pounding heart! Rob isn't even home to share this with - he left for a football game before I got up this morning!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

drowning in a sea of snot

So Ryan is sick. Really sick. So sick that he wanted nothing to do with Mandarin oranges, remote controls , or sleep Tuesday night. Poor baby. I took him to the doctor yesterday and he has ear infections. One in each ear. OUCH! It is so scary because it started as a little cough and then Tuesday afternoon the sitter asked me to pick him up a little early b/c he was starting to show a slight fever. He started whining around 4pm and didn't stop until 4am when he FINALLY fell asleep on my chest (with me sitting upright in bed). Afte the doctor yesterday, Ryan slept for 3 hours on the couch with Rob and another few with me. He was much better by last night and today he is (mostly) back to normal! YAY!
What scared us most was how he fine and then BAM! not fine. He did this the last time he was sick, when he was 3 months old. Yes, we are very lucky. Ryan has only been sick twice in 13 months (of course we have paid almost $200 in co-pays from all the injuries he has had!)
Anyway, on the mend but snottier than ever. Tell me, is nose wiping really that tortorous to a child? Is walking around with snot dripping down your face preferrable? YUCK!
Edited to add: Ryan is sucha trooper. Yesterday afternoon, even though he felt lousy he tried to play, but all he did was sit on his police cruiser and mumble "beep beep". Usually he cruises all over the room honking the horn and blaring the siren and yelling "BEEP BEEP"! I tried to get it on video but he wailed when I attempted to leave the room.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The last time I was this scatterbrained I was pregnant...

Nope - not an announcement, although I am on CD 21 of our first TTC cycle so stay tuned....
Anyway, I apparently lost my mind this morning. I had to return home twice before getting to work. First I forgot Ryan's sitter bag. Normally this isn't a problem but he is not feeling well right now and his bag contained a pacifier, tylenol (which I am sure the sitter has) and his thermometer. Now this brings up an interesting question - what temprature taking method do you use with your kids? I am of the rectal school (eeeeeew how would you like to have to list that as your alma mater??!?!). I have found that it is the most accurate method and since he is teetering on fever it is the difference between medicating or not so accuracy is important to me. Also, I tried to use the ear thermometer on him last night and it said 89.5 - clearly his ear is still to small for it.
After I went home and got the bag to the sitter's house I headed to work and realized that I had left my glasses at home. Normally I wear contacts, but my eyes were itchy and dry this morning so I opted for my glasses (think Tina Fey glasses) but forgot them! I would have made it to work fine, but would have had a fierce headache by noon!
I truly have no idea what the cause of my scatter brain-ness is, but the last time I experienced lapses in memory like this I WAS pregnant so maybe.....
Speaking of TTC - yeah, I mentioned it earlier - I am starting to think that maybe now would not be the best time to get pregnant. Turns out Rob will most likely be switching restaurants and going to the exciting new one that is opening up in Rochester. Problem is that he would be out of town training for 12 weeks and then setting up and opening a new store (think about the hours on that!). The store is set to open in September. So if I get pregnant in the next few months I will be either very pregnant, giving birth, or adapting to a toddler and a newborn right at the time of the opening!!! Good Grief!!!
Rob says we shouldn't let work dictate our family, but he isn't the one that would have to be home ALL day ALONE with a baby on his breast and one wrapped around his leg clammoring for attention right?!?!? Any advice out there? Should we keep trying or put it on hold?
Incidently, I wil NOT be trying to get pregnant during my March cycle -- seriously my child would be due December 24th! I would feel awful giving a child that unfortunate a birthday!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A possible career path for Ryan....

last night Ryan was asleep in the car when we got home from running some errands. In hindsight I should have put him in his jammies before we left to run them. Anyway, we got home, I took him upstairs and changed him for bed. Unfortuantely, he woke up during this process and proceeded to SCREAM for what felt like hours. After about 15 minutes I went back up. This is the kid who normally drifts off to sleep without a peep, so something must be wrong. I walk into his room and there he is standing in his crib with all his toys and pacifiers (yes he sleeps with 4 of them) on the floor and his pajamas - well, not on him! Honestly I still haven't found the top! When did my monkey learn to undress himself?!?!?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Some wedding pictures....

My walk down the aisle

Me with my HUSBAND

CAKE (and it was delicious - the one we cut was chocolate with mocha creme YUM!)

We danced to "Thank You (for Loving Me)" by Bon Jovi (who else?)

My bouquet

Back to reality

Today I came back to work at 8:00am, and by 8:15 I was ready to go home!
Since Rob and I were not able to go to Mexico for the week we spent it with Ryan and had a GREAT time!!!
We ate out at least once a day (hey, we have a ginormous refund coming from the travel agency), slept in - yup! Ryan can now sleep until 8:30 - ahhhhh!, watched lots of scary movies, picked pumpkins, and generally had a good time! I love my guys so much! And today I miss them incredibly....
I meant to post all week, but time got away from me.
I have some pictures, but not many - here are a few from the wedding and pumpkin picking:

Ryan and the pumpkin he wanted! This one is from Papa's garden
Okay that's all you get since I saved some pictures that were sent to me from Shutterfly and they are all the wrong pictures -- I hate shutterfly for that!
I will post more tomorrow - Ryan in his costume and hopefully at leats ONE wedding picture!