Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A year ago, a year from now....

Got this from Giselle...
One year ago... I had an almost 3 year old who had just potty trained and thrown up for the very first time (in my car, spaghetti-os - a scene I'll not soon forget!).
I also had a just one year old! She was getting physical therapy once a week and had just learned to sit! Funny how her unborn brother has mastered that skill almost exactly one year later!
I was14 weeks pregnant with the baby "we didn't know we wanted but can't imagine life without". Still thought he was going to be our second daughter, our Reese Marie! I was just starting to show

Rob was getting ready to open the restuarant and was very excited about the possibility of advancement there (HA!)

One year from now...
Ryan will be preparing for Kindergarden!!! This should be no big deal since he is going to full day pre-K on a bus this year, but it is in my mind!
Rachel will be 3!!! She will have no therapy as she is almost done with her speech ad her other issues seem to have resolved themselves enough that we seem to be escapting any OT. She will hopefully be potty trained! Maybe have enough hair for a real pony tail?

Joey will be 18 months! A real walking, talking toddler! Now the real fun begins!
Rob will probably still be at the same job and hopefully happier. I'll be at the same job but hopefully only working 4 days! Same house, same cars. We are boring people!

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