Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 quirky things about me....

in response to Kara's post:
1. I get the willies from styrofoam. If something is packed in styrofoam I wanted to cringe when I have to open it!
2. I hate to look at unpainted or chipped toe nails! Seriously, I feel like if you don't have a good polish job please cover them up! They look naked to me
3. I can't combine food. I eat all of one thing at a time on my plate. I even rotate my plate as I am eating
4. I used to suck my hair when I was a kid. It is so disgusting to think about now but I did it.
5. I can't use tampons. They skeeve me out big time!
6. I can't sleep touching or facing anyone. I literally cling to the edge of the bed
7. I count stairs as I am going up or down them (in my head only!)
8. I can not sit still and talk on the phone. I need to be walking around - my ex bought me a thingy that could turn your cordless phone into a headset. It was dorky but I loved it
9. I never thought this was weird but my sister says it is - I wash my hair last in the shower
10. Not sure if this is quirky or just my wacky sense of humor but I LOVE to introduce my husband as "my first husband, Rob". He is my first and my only :)

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