Wednesday, July 16, 2008


What an amazing little guy he is!!
Last Friday was his half birthday! 6 whole months old (which also means that 2008 is half over already!)
As of Monday he weighed 15 pounds even. He is somewhere between 23 3/4 inches and 25 inches (the nurse got 24 1/2, the doc got 25 and I got 23 1/4 this morning!). Picture of health but a lousy sleeper! He still wakes to eat 2 times a night. UGH! The pediatrician says he is probably just too distracted to eat more during the day and he gets the calories he needs at night (he must since he is almost 3 pounds bigger than he was 2 months ago).
He is a developmental wonderkid! He can conbat crawl, rock on his hands and knees, and as of Monday evening sit himself up!
He loves to laugh - mostly at his big siblings who just crack him up!
He loves to eat - we have yet to find something he didn't like
and he loves to snuggle with mommy!

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