Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I feel like I do a lot of talking about her these days but she is just so darn funny!!!
This morning she was hanging out with me while I put my makeup on and then she disappeared. I didn't think anything of it until I went downstairs and she was standing in front of Joey in his excersaucer putting purple eye shadow all over his face! He was laughing of course! Oh, she also made up herself and would not let me wash it off! "MY make-up" she said. Whatever, angel....
In addition to today's make up she has colored Joey with a blue crayon and when I asked her if she did it she said "yep" and when I asked her with what she got me the crayon! She has also attempted to make him look like a member of KISS by drawing what appeared to be a star around his eye with a marker! (My husband will be sad to hear that I can not recall who it is with the star around his eye - Paul Stanley perhaps?)
Ryan was taunting her at the table Saturday night by calling her a baby and apparently she had enough! She stood up in her booster seat (why oh why does she do that???) and yelled at him "I not baby!". You go girl....
Her current phrases - phrases, yes! At 18 months she said 4 words, at 2 she is using sentences:
"what doing?"
"Who here" said in response to the dog barking
"No Nico MINE!" said anytime the dog looks in her general direction
"Why _____ (insert Ya-yan, Doey, etc) fryin'(crying)?"
She sings "Scooby Doo" and "Where is My Hairbrush" all the time. Such a sweet voice!

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