Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's a.....

I tried to scan the pictures when I got to work but can't figure out our new printer / scanner!
The tech said she is 98% certain of the gender which is good enough for me!
More importantly, she is perfect! Everything measured right on target and is working perfectly which is really all I care about!
We will get to see her again in 2 months when they check the placenta location again. It was sitting pretty low, but that must just be where palcentas attach on me since it seems to be in the exact same spot as it was with Ryan. It moved that time so I am optimistic that it will move this time as well!
The pictures aren't very good since Little Miss was clearly done being photographed by the time the tech got to our pictures. The midwife is getting some great ones though :) WE also didn't get a very good gender shot as she kept crossing her legs at the end. The tech said something along the lines of her not being a very good girl for us and my dear husband jumps in with "I think she is being a VERY good girl keeping those legs crossed!"
I think I freaked Rob out last night when I told him we better start saving for a wedding now!!!


teachermom said...

Congrats!!! And enjoy all those fun baby girl clothes (you can kiss the baby budget goodbye)!

Kara said...

Once again, I am so excited for you! Now Ryan will have a little sister to look after and we can do lots of shopping!

Kate said...

A girl! Congrats!!

When I was reading about how she kept crossing her legs, I thought, "Well, good for her- she's modest!" Hee hee.

Congrats again. That is so, so exciting!

Mama C-ta said...

Congraaaats!!!!! Nice and healthy too, what could be better.

Dude, I would have punched the tech if she said my fetus wasn't being a very good girl. But I'm overly sensitive!!

Joana said...

WOOHOO!! Congrats again!

Aimee said...

Where the hell have I been? I didn't even know you were pregnant. This moving stuff has really put a damper on my blog reading. Congratualations!

Send me some of those girl vibes. We're hoping to try in July for #3. I'm thinking pink as I'm drowning in testosterone here.

Congrats again! I'm so excited for you!


Rachael said...

YAY!!! Congratulations to you and Rob. A little girl, I am green with envy. So any names you are willing to share yet??