Monday, February 20, 2006

Old Wives Tales

Since our big gender revealing ultrasound is a week from today, I have decided to play into the old wives tales for a little fun!
Here goes... I will highlight boy/girl with blue/pink font!

Morning Sickness? Heck Yea!!! But I also had it with Ryan, just not as bad
Extra Weight In your belly
Carrying Low
Cravings Sweets, juice and fruit (I am averaging 3-4 tangerines a day!!!)
Belly Shape Basketball
You look Worse than normal (my skin is all broken out and I have terrible bags under my eyes)
Hair on your legs Grows slower or same as normal
Doesn't gain weight with you (note: SO FAR!)
You hang a wedding ring over your belly It moves in circles
Your urine color is - ewwww, I have no idea, but I was told that I am well hydrated at my last appointment!
Your pillow faces North or South - ummm, West?
So that is 6 for girl, and 3 for boy. 2 for a puppy I guess!!!
Oh and the fetal heartbeat is in the 160s which I guess is girl. However, Ryan was always high too.
Honestly, gender makes no difference to us, but we really want to know so we can stop referring to the creature as an it!
I was asked in a comment if I was planning a homebirth. I am not. While I can see the appeal of it, it is just not for me. I am being cared for by a small group of Certified Nurse Midwives with a back up OB/Gyn practice. I met the one midwife while I was in labor with Ryan and found her presence in the room to be a calming one and she was more attentive than my own OB at the time. Since I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth (give or take) I figured this was the rout for me this time.
The midwives remain with mom throughout labor (once you are admitted) and then stay for a while after and help establish the first latch. They also make house calls for nursing / post partum issues (and only charge a co-pay!). I feel that my labor was rushed (and sped up unneccessarily) so that the doctor could take care of his other patients and go home. I have been assured that pitocin will only be used when absolutely neccessary and that while pain relivers are available, the midwife likes to exhaust her bag of tricks before giving them. This sounds good to me! Now it sounds good to me -- ask me at 6 centimeters when I am begging for drugs!
I also found out during my initial consultation with the chiropractor that I should NEVER have an epidural given the nature and placement of the curve in my spine. I was treated for Scoliosis in junior high, but it never completely corrected itself. This would explain why my entire epidural ended up on one side of my body and why my toes on that foot were numb for almost a year after I had it!!!


Giselle said...

I can't wait to find out what you are having!!! I also looked at the old wives tales before finding out. It was about 75% certain to be a girl...and I got the most boyish boy you could ask for.

Rachael said...

So when will you find out? I am so excited for you! Can't wait to find out.
I had a horrible experience with pitocin. I was on it for 24 hours and it never jumped started my body into labor. It was just doing the labor for me. So I am anti pitocin unless you really need it.

Mama C-ta said...

Thanks for answering. That sounds like a great situation, kinda the best of both worlds which I what I'm hoping for next birth.

I did the wives tales thing too and almost all of them pointed to a boy. Except for the morning sickness thing since I had it hardcore and it's supposedly worse w/girls. Oh man I hope if I ever get pregnant w/a girl it's not worse!!

I'm catching girl vibes from you though.

Joey99 said...

2 for a puppy! LOL!!!

I can't wait to hear your big news next week! Despite what the old wives tales are saying, do YOU have any pink or blue feelings?

rachelayn said...

The wedding ring was right both times for me.
Can't wait for you to find out! Hope baby cooperates:)

Kara said...

I'm feeling more and more like you are having a girl so you are probably having a boy! I can never guess right!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Well, maybe you ARE having puppies. That would explain a few of each. :-)

I'm glad everything is going well. I can't imagine only have one side numb during labor. OH MAH GAH. And toes numb for a year?


But it's always worth it, isn't it? :-)