Wednesday, February 08, 2006

16 months (and 16 weeks)

Today Ryan turns 16 months old and I hit the 16th week of pregnancy. What a neat coincidence, huh?
So, Ryan is 16 months going on 3 years old! He looks like a 12 month old though! As of less than a month ago he was 21 pounds 7 ounces (10th percentile) and 31 inches (40th percentile). He's just a little kid, but what do you expect from a 4'11 mommy and a 5'5 daddy?
Being as milestone obessive as I am, I check every month to see where he is at, and I am very proud to report that he has surpassed all the 18 month milestones and a few of the 24 month ones! My little genius!
I have stopped counting how many words the kid knows, but at last count it was over 2 dozen! In the past week he seems to learn and retain a new word (or 2) every day! Yesterday's words were bear (Breakfast with Bear was on) and grapes (when I asked him if he wanted an orange or grapes for snack). He is pretty good about communicating his needs and the whining has subsided drastically (thankfully). We are still working on a consistent "please" and "thank you" but I would say that he says them unprompted about 30% of the time and 100% when he wants something he can't have!
As of last Friday, Ryan can identify his head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, belly, feet, and toes. I think this is in part due to some games we play at swim lessons, and the fact that we review body parts while getting dressed and undressed (that makes me sound like a pushy mom doesn't it?!?! Really we have fun with it!!).
Ryan will also tell us now when he has a poopy diaper and needs to be changed. At the sitter's he actually will hand her a new diaper - he can't reach them at home. He has, however, developed a fear of wipes. I am beginning to wonder if a wipe warmer is not such a bad idea?
I recently switched from my beloved Pampers to White Cloud diapers and they are not bad, but I think he knows more now when he is wet than with the Pampers. We are not even thinking about potty training, but he seems receptive to getting changed now and that is a good thing!
Motor skills
The kid used a fork at 11 months and suddenly stopped around 14 months. I am proud to report that he again will use a fork (sometimes) and equally well with both hands! We have also started coloring and playing with Play-Do which he really likes. Ryan can stack up to 6 blocks and, again, uses both hands for it. Walking and running are down pat. Climbing is fun apparently as is wedging himself in spaces way to small for him and hiding in corners. He can take his clothes off, but can't put them back on yet. This is not a problem for him though as he thoroughly enjoys being naked!

All in all the last month has been so enjoyable!!! The tantrums have returned, but they are easy enough to handle by ignoring them. I have relaxed on the television viewing. Ryan watches maybe 3 hours a week now. Sesame Street, Bear in the Big Blue House, Wiggles, and Little Einsteins are about all I will allow, although he seems to dig the Doodlebops!
He is sleeping fairly well, and goes down with a kiss and 2 stories each night.
His favorite toys are books, and the Little People horses - they are never far from him. Oh he also loves his stuffed kitty that lives in Mommy's car. We dance in the kitchen while I am making dinner and he helps me clean up after by putting things in the dishwasher! I am preparing him to be the perfect husband -- any takers?!?!


Kylei said...

I will take you up on that for my little girl- she not born yet- but thats ok- I promise to teach her how to be a true lady if you can teach him how to do dishes and gasp cook :) Her daddy doesn't have much more house hold skills then say ummm Al Bundy does.

Joana said...

Jackie is always available! ;-)

What a smart little man you have, I bet you're one proud Mommy!

rachelayn said...

I enjoyed hearing an update on Ryan. He sounds like a smart little guy.