Tuesday, February 21, 2006


It appears that my appetite is back in full force!
All I have done today is eat!
Here is the breakdown:
8am - a slice of cold pizza, a baggie of Kix cereal, and a cut out cookie
9:30 - another cookie
12:00 - a turkey and cheese sandwich, a side of pasta, a cookie, and an apple
3:00 - a tangerine and a pumperknickel bagel

All that I have moved from my desk maybe 5 times....
I need to slow down!


Kara said...

I would have brought you some Mighty Taco if I had known you were so hungry! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds good! I remember Nick being worried when I was pregnant the first time because I lost weight the first trimester. My OB told him not to worry that I would catch up. I sure did and then some. Once I felt better, food tasted even better and I couldn't get enough! :)

Stacy (can't get logged on!)