Monday, March 06, 2006

36, 20, 17...

No these are not some magic cursed numbers a la LOST! They are:
36: how old Rob will be on Wednesday. Getting older doesn't bother him, but I still love to tease him for it. Since we both have to work the day of his birthday, we will be going out to dinner - his choice- after work. He decided he wants to spend the evening with Ryan and me. I'll get a yummy dessert for us to share at home later if I decide not to make the restaurant sing to him.
Oh, he has chosen Red Lobster for his birthday dinner!!! In his defense it IS lobster fest and we do get a discount there (thanks to OG being owned by the same company).
We will be celebrating with the families on Sunday. I am cooking. No idea what yet as he has not decided. You know, Rob lucks out on my birthday. Since it is the middle of the summer I always want something grilled, salt potaoes, and corn on the cob! Easy-peasy! For his birthday? I am always stuck slaving away inside....
He is worth it though!
I bought him a SONY camcorder for his birthday! It's the most expensive thing I have ever purchased as a gift! Again, he is worth it, and we need one!
20: the number of weeks pregnant I am tomorrow! I can't believe I am at the half way point already! It is a bitter sweet time for me! One the one hand I am excited that I will get to meet our little girl (I am still not used to that!) in 5 months or so. But I am also sad that this experience is almost half over. This is most likely my last pregnancy and I want to relish every minute of it.
I feel like I am finally showing enough to post a belly picture, but I need to have it taken first! It is a very different belly than the last time. I was a total basketball with Ryan and this time I look more like I swallowed a watermelon! Little Miss seems to be nestled much deeper down than her big brother was at this point. I am curious to see how huge I end up!
I have gained almost 10 pounds already!!! I guess this is okay as my total weight gain was around 30 with Ryan. I am still on track for that again.
17: the number of months Ryan has been alive as of Wednesday! His current behavior is a post all it's own right now! I will fill you in on his monthly update later this week!

Oh, to answer Rachael's question about a name for Little Miss: We had settled on a girl name before we knew what we were having. Thankfully she is a girl because we couldn't find a boy name that we liked. Anyway, her name will be Rachel Louise G (ironic that you asked, Rachael!!!). I thik I got Rachel from some fellow bloggers and message boarders and it just kind of started to stand out in my mind. It is an easily recognized name, not overly popular right now, and it sounds very nice with Ryan. Louise was my grandma's name. It is also Rob's mom's middle name, and his grandpa is Louis. So everyone is happy with the middle name choice. So far no one has had anything negative to say about the first name either.
We will continue to call her Little Miss until birth as I am to superstitious to use her name before she is in my arms!


Becki said...

oh, I love the name. very pretty! happy 20 weeks! Happy Birthday to Rob too!

imstacy said...

Happy Birthday to Rob! :)

Nick and my FIL LOVE Red Lobster. I just love seafood. :)

Rachael said...

Oh lots of exciting milestones. Happy Birthday to Rob. John always picks Red Lobster or Joe's Crab shack for his B-day. I hate any kind of seafood so it makes me gag :)
I must say I love the name you have picked out. Ryan and Rachel are a cute combo. I have always liked my name. Now the spelling I have hated cause everyone always just spells it el not ael. I complain to my mom about it all the time.
When I hit 20 weeks things just flew from there so I hope that happens with you!
Take Care!!