Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Has it really been 2 weeks???

2 weeks since I last posted????
Sorry about that - march is a crazy busy month for us! We have so many birthdays to celebrate - Rob's, my sister, my sister's dog ( yes, she throws him a party every year - don't ask!). Plus construction has begun on Little Miss's room leaving my enitre upstairs and attic in a disaster state!
I am 22 weeks as of today and FINALLY not throwing up anymore - YAY!!! I have been vomit free for 2 whole weeks, with the exception of this morning, but I think that was just from swigging OJ out of the carton after brushing my teeth - yuck!
Things are going well. I had a midwife appointment last week. I ended up having to bring Ryan with me and can I just say that is NEVER going to happen again!!! What a terror! He was fine in the waiting room where there were people and toys but the 15 minutes we were stuck in an exam room alone where pure torture!
Anyway, baby is doing well and I am measuring exactly on target for my due date. We reviewed the ultrasound report and other than the low laying palcenta everything looks perfect. The doctor who reviewed the report was even able to tell us that Little Miss has exactly 10 fingers and toes - cool, huh? I need to take my glucose test in 2 weeks since I barely passed the hour one with Ryan. I have gained 9-10 pounds so far which surprises me given how sick I was for so long, but I guess my new eating habits are to blame. Last night I couldn't decide if I wanted cake or ice cream, so I had cake. Little Miss had ice cream :)
As of the ultrasound she was still laying in the breech position. I can now report that she has flipped and her rear end is right at the top of my uterus. Her favorite movement is to slowly rub her feet along me. It is a very weird feeling for me because I don't think Ryan ever did that!
Rob has yet to feel her wiggle, but I can feel her from the outside now.
I think it was about 24 weeks that he was able to feel Ryan.
Ryan is, well, a toddler! A text book toddler. Why is it that no one ever informs you that toddlers are all bipolar??? Seriously! One minute he is the sweetest thing - giving random hugs and kisses, gently petting the dog, and the next? Let's just say I have thought about calling the church and seeing about an exorcism! He is doing great though! Constantly getting into mischief, but usually telling himself no while he does it. Some of his current favorite activities include: brushing my hair, pretending to put my make up on (yes, he watches me get dressed every day), coloring, playing with his fridge phonics - a savior while I am making dinner!, and picking up picture frames from around the house and showing us who is in them! he also does this with our wedding album. He will sit on the floor and look at it for a good 10 minutes at a time!
That is enough for one post, but I have more to come! A preview: Our babysitter is moving - let the saga begin! My mom's upcoming knee surgery (and my subsequent trip to the loony bin)! More details on Little Miss's room and pictures as it is finishing up!


Joey99 said...

I can't wait to see how the Strawberry Shortcake room comes together! I think it's so neat that you have all of your old stuff for your Little Miss!

So sorry to hear about your babysitter...as you know, that's been a source for several of our beloved moosejulie ladies! I hope everything works out and you find someone else that you love!!!

joana said...

What's with these crazy toddlers!?! Jackie is most definetely going through the terrible two's and she's only 18 months old! One minute she's sugary sweet the next she's a little monster. :-0

Mama C-ta said...

Cool you aren't sick anymore! My non-stop vommitting lasted for 20 weeks too...but I gained about 25 lbs in the first half of my pregnancy.