Friday, August 05, 2005

So much for being in a better mood....

Thanks for all your dinner suggestions! We ended up at Don *Pablo's. I am not much for Mexican food - actually it usually makes me really sick, but I stuck to chicken fajitas and felt okay. Of course, I pick a healthy entree and then kill it by downing at least my weight in chips and salsa! GRRRRR!
Ryan ate 1/3 of a kids chicken quesedilla and a whole side order of black beans! I love that he eats so well, but I looked up the calorie/fat content of his meal and there were 85 grams of fat in the chicken quesedilla!!! Holy fat content!
So I now have a wedding related rant:
My mom and I are on wedding related argument number 2 now......
The first one involved what I am going to wear on my head. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to wear my hair in a bun at the base of my neck. Simple and elegant, right? Oh and I am going to have a string of crytals woven into it. The plan was to wear my veil under the bun and then take it off after all the pictures. Now my mom has me running all over creation trying on tiaras that I don't want or can't afford! AND she is currently obessed with this one particulr bridal boutique and I have no idea why.
Argument number 2 is really driving me crazy! Rob and I decided we don't want to have a wedding cake. They are very expensive, not usually very good, and I have seen lots of cake get served while people are dancing and mingling and then thrown away. We have decided to offer a HUGE sweet table instead. Up until this week, my mother has been on board with this idea, but suddenly, we are being rude for not offering cake, people will be pissed there is no cake, our marriage is doomed with out cake, etc. (okay she never said that last one, but you get the drift).
I don't really see what difference it makes, this is the way we want to do it (oh and we are paying for it) so really she should just shut up!
How I wish today was my half day.... Friday's usually are, but I had to take a half day on Monday so I am stuck here until 4! WHY?????
Oh and guess how much sleep I got last night? Like none! Ryan cut 2 more teeth and wanted make sure everyone shared in his pain!!!!
I promise to post some fun pictures this weekend and hopefully get out of my funk!


Jess said...

Okay, I think the sweets table is a great idea! We have this lady at our church that makes AMAZING wedding cakes, so I was not opposed to that. But, if we didn't have her, I would have done a sweets table. I also think your hairstyle sounds gorgeous! Since you and Rob are paying, I say do what you's your wedding, your money!

Kara said...

Andrea, this is where I got my wedding veil and tiara:

They were pretty inexpensive and you can create your own.

Anyway, I say just go with what you want. It is YOUR wedding. And take it from me, you are the one who will remember it. Don't let what other people want ruin your special day!

joanatx said...

I LOVE the idea of a sweet table. Who needs a cake when you have one of those!?! :-)

Have a great weekend, Andrea.

imstacy said...

Wow, I think a sweet table sounds fantastic! What a great idea, wish it was something I would've thought to do. :)

As others have said, it's your wedding do what makes you happy. You will be the one to remember everything and you don't want to be saying "I wish I would've....". I know, I've been there :(