Thursday, August 04, 2005

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! Which turned into a diet rant

I have an hour left to sit here at work today and I am sooooo ready to go home!
I have hated being here more this week than any other week in recent memory and for no reason other than TOTAL BOREDOM! It sucks to be here when I could be at home doing things I enjoy.
I have taken on 2 new projects, but I have no interest in them either - they are just the same shit, different topic. UGH!
Also, it is 94 degrees outside (the upside to being in this hell hole is that it is so freezing that I am wearing a sweater! Rob and I just made an executive decision to NOT eat at home tonight, but we can't decide where we should go. Any suggestions?
We always do this and then stand in the kitchen (which is so hot it may be the gateway to hell) going back and forth with "I don't care, you pick", and me trying to find somewhere remotely healthy, with options for Ryan (although he know LOVES restaurant Mac and Cheese, but not my whole wheat, organic cheese M&C that I make for him!!!).
This will go on for about 45 minutes, and as it gets hotter, we will get angrier and hungrier and it will ultimately culminate in someone getting yelled at - most likely Ryan for eating the dog's food, but really, who can blame him if we have starved him this long, right?
To make it worse I am starving! I always do this - I eat so well all day and then pig out at night, which is bad because I just go to bed afterwards.
Every morning I have coffee with skim milk and cereal with skim milk for breakfast. That tides me over to lunch which is always an apple and either a salad or a frozen meal (so really I am under 400 calories usually) and then I get home from work and we have a healthy, but big, dinner. Adding about 800 to 900 calories to my day - which is not bad, but the timing is awful!
I really should eat a bigger lunch (or even have a snack) and then a smaller dinner, but dinner is our family meal and it makes me sad to think of not having a hearty meal with my boys.... Nor do I ever want to give my children the impression that food is bad. It isn't! Food is great!
So, now I have to go and pick up a prescription and bananas for my grandma (who lives down the street from us). She is 81 and takes care of my 85 year old grandfather who broke his hip lat summer and can't walk at all now. Really it is because he never completed his physical therapy, which is the same reason my mom's knee never healed, but that is another post of another time....
So, where should we eat?


rachelayn said...

I know you're home now but you should eat at Olive Garden, LOL! I know that's your fav plus Rob would be thrilled, NOT! I do love it though. And Applebee's. Ok, I'm hungry now.......

Jess said...

Andrea... please don't take this the wrong way but you must be in a mood today :) Your post was so sarcastic and had me cracking up! Oh, I know the mood, I am in it QUITE often! You are probably eating by now (we hope) so I have no suggestions.

joanatx said...

LOL, Andrea. You guys sound like my hubby and I. We go back and forth so many times saying "I don't care. You pick" when it comes to eating out that it is ridiculous. This always culminates into a hungry and cranky me yelling, "PLEEEASSSEEE PICK SOMETHING!"

I hope you all had a great dinner!