Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Chicks dig scars

Or so Rob told Ryan last night.
Yup - we had another accident (and I swear this one was no ones fault). It happened at Rob's parents hosue. Ryan went to the window and at home he goes underneath our fabric blinds to look out the window. Not ideal and I always lift the blinds up for him. Well, at their house they have a glass shelf OVER the blinds - no idea why, but when Ryan tug at the blinds he loosened the shelf and it HIT HIM IN THE HEAD!!!
I grabbed him quickly, he was screaming, and I was saying "you're okay" until I pulled him away and he was BLEEDING! I began crying - no, SOBBING. I was so scared! I had never seen blood on my baby before. So scary!
As a scalp wound it beld profusely, but stopped quickly. Honestly we got more tears from the ice I tried to put on it than the actual cut. And he was fine in a few minutes.
Once we got home he had a bump and seemed like it was bothering him so I gave him a dose of Tylenol before bed and then proceeded to undo all our sleep training of this week by running to him any time he cried. I was afraid he was hurt, or bleeding again, but no, he is fine.
I debated staying home with him today, but his mood this morning was pefectly normal so I am at work, but secretly worrying about him. My poor baby. He really needs a helmet!!!


joanatx said...

Poor Ryan!!! He definitely needs that bubble. :-)

imstacy said...

Andrea, sorry to hear about Ryan. Sorry to say, but with three boys I can tell you it only gets worse! Thankfully we haven't had any broken bones, knock on wood!

Rachael said...

Poor Ryan! I am glad he is okay. But I tell you Gavin hits his head like 15x a day. We had to get rid of our coffee table becaue he was starting to look like we beat him.

Becki said...

poor boy, but hey, sounds like he is all boy. Scottie is 27 months old and he's been to the ER twice already. He split open his skin above his eye and had to get 4 stiches when he was 17 months old. I hope Ryan is fine when you get home today. Its scary to know that we can't protect them from harm 100%.