Thursday, August 18, 2005


So, the witch arrived yesterday with a torrent of cramps which I haven't seen (felt?) the likes of since I was 15! UGH! Strange, I always had terrible cramps as a teenager, but they tapered off as I got older and then got worse after Ryan was born. BUT they ahve been getting MUCH worse over the last 8 periods I have had since his birth. Should I be concerned? Anyone else out there experienced this and had things go back to normal? I worry because my mom had lots of problems after my sister and I were born.
I am about due for annual - yippee! so I suppose I could ask then.
That reminds me:
I am thinking about switching care providers. I am considering switching to a midwife. Anyone have any experience? Locally it seems that all the midwives practice together in a handful of groups and occasionally one or two will practice with a group of OBs.
I have some questions about using a midwife (that really I should just call one up and ask them):
  • Because I like to see my unborn child, do they do routine ultrasounds?
  • What happens if my pregnancy becomes high risk at any point? Who are their back up OBs and do I ever meet them over the course of a pregnancy
  • What, if anything, can they, or will they, do if I can't conceive this time around?
  • Who would perform an emergency C-section on me?
  • Who would circumcise my child if I were to have another son? This is a decision I let Rob make - I don't care one way or another
  • Do they offer breast feeding support after birth? My idiot OB nurse told me that 3 days after birth was to late to start a breast feeding relationship and THEN my milk came in. Don't want a repeat of that!
  • How long do they spend on pre-natal appointments? I really want to focus on this next pregnancy for what it is and not just the means to an end - I am sure that makes no sense, but it is likely my last pregnancy and I want to enjoy and relish in it!

I think those are my main questions. I figure they don't work much different than an OB, but I do have concerns about the pregnancy becoming high risk and being sent to a strange doctor or being cut open by someone I have never met. Also, I want me those ultrasounds!


Kara said...

Before I became high risk, I was seeing an awesome group of midwives. I found that they spent a lot more time with me at prenatal appointments. Also, I found them much easier to talk to than the doctors. Another reason for me choosing a midwife instead of a regular OB is that I have "issues" with seeing a male doctor..crazy, I know. The midwives would see me for my regular prenatal appointments, but I would have an appointment with a regular OB/GYN for sonograms. They worked from the same office, so when I was done with my sonogram, I would go over immediately after and see the midwife for my regular appointment. I don't know the answers to your other questions because I ended up having to see a regular OB during the second half of my pregnancy, but I would suggest calling up the office and asking questions.

Mrs. Flinger said...

That is a great list. In fact, it's stuff you'd really only think of after the first one.

I loved the ultrasounds. Holy Moley. I'd find some reason to have one. You know, just because I was an Ultrasound Addict. heh.

Mama C-ta said...

Great questions wish I had some answers for you. But from what I hear the midwives probably spend longer on pre-natal app than a Dr. would. I always wanted a midwife (hubby is more clinical than I) but after my c-section now I think I'll stick w/the docs.