Friday, August 10, 2007

baby wiggles, puke free (knock wood)

17 weeks today!

This past week has brought on the very first baby wiggles in my belly! They are still inconsistent and occur mostly at night when I am settling down but I'll take them where I can get them!!! I also only puked once this week!!!

Of course the puking has been replaced by the afternoon headaches. Sigh. I had these with Ryan but not Rachel - hmmm, another boy perhaps? I guess we will know on 8/29!

IN non-pregnancy news:

Ryan is getting his big boy twin bed this weekend - YAY! Maybe he will actually sleep in it instead of my bed. Really we are starting to run out of room in there. I got him an adorable blue plaid quilt at T*arget and am planning on getting him the Little E*instein sheets from there as well. I have found some adorable blue rocket crib bedding in case G3 is a boy - they will look so cute together! Ryan is still convinced G3 is a girl but now we are naming her Elephant - nice huh? He talks to her(?) every morning and night through my belly now

The bad Ryan - well he is acting 3. Everything is his way or a tantrum - I am tired of them already and I know it is just the beginning. I swear last night someone in the store parking lot probably called CPS on me with the screams of "you're hurting me! I don't like you" that were coming from our car as I tried to strap a bucking 30 pounder into his car seat.

Rachel is, well, Rachel. She is such a princess and we adore that about her! She loves shoes as long as they are not on her feet and her daddy's ties. She sits in the bathroom every morning and brushes her teeth or her hair (with the correct brushes) while I am getting ready for work. Her physical therapy is coming along wonderfully and yesterday she managed to pull herself to a full stand all alone! We are so proud of her and all her hard work! I think she may be walking by Halloween at this rate!!!

In other family news, Rob's grandpa passed away a couple of weeks ago. We went to RI for the memorial service and are planning to make the trip to Arlington in October for his interment. My BIL skipped the service saying he was too busy working. After a week of vacation. Oh and we had almost 2 weeks notice on the memorial service. Oh well - no loss there!

To end some pictures:

baby girl eats her corn like a big shot

catching bubbles

yes, I know she has a power cord. Yes, I know it looks like Ryan is strangling her. I wasn't home and it is the only picture I got this month of the 2 of them together!

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Kate said...

17 weeks already?!

I think the early baby wiggles are the most fun part- until they get big enough to be painful. LOL.