Friday, August 31, 2007

What will you be doing in 20 weeks???

I'll either be:
Giving birth;
nursing a baby; or
miserably, hugely pregnant!!!
I can't believe we have made it to the halfway point already - woohoo!
Wednesday was our BIG ultrasound. Everything is great! WE found out that Rachel will be retaining her princess status! Yup, another boy will be joining our clan!!!
He was a very active, silly little man through the entire ultrasound - repeatedly standing on his head or spreading his legs for us. But he measured right on target and looks good.
The placenta doesn't look so good. Let's take a journey through my palcental history shall we?
2004 - low lying placenta diagnosed at 20 weeks. By 30 it was migrated to a good spot for a normal labor and delivery
2006 - marginal placenta previa. Not on my cervix but too close for comfort. Moved by 35 weeks (which is when the other issues were diagnosed). Pathologoy reports that it is smaller than it should be but older looking than it should have been. One possible cause was that Rachel literally laid on it for 35 weeks. We will never know...
2007 - "partial placenta previa" not covering entirely but covering a portion of my cervix none the less. I am given some moderate restrictions - no heavy lifting, no strenous exercise, and no sex. We go back in 6 weeks for another check.
So there are a few things in life I can't ever get right - placentas and instant rice being on the top of that list!!!
No other news. I'll try to get pictures up this weekend. The kids are devine as usual :)


The Mom said...

Congrats on your second little boy! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the placenta issue works itself out. Get some rest!

Rachael said...

YAY! Another boy how cool. Having two boys is so much fun. But really messy and sticky at the same time. I am so stoked for you.
I hope the placenta issues work out. My oldest sister had a partial with her 3 baby too and it worked out.

Teachermom said...

Fun! So glad things are looking pretty good with the little BOY! :) Sorry about the partial placenta previa. Take it easy!