Friday, July 20, 2007

One trimester done, 2 to go....

Can you belive that I am 14 weeks already? Time has flown for sure! Onyl 5 more weeks until we find out which way the gender scale will be tipping in our house!!!

Had an appointment with my midwife this week. All is well, labs were good, HB was great, only thing was their scale showed me gaining 4 freaking pounds!!! There is no way - I weigh myself at home and I have gained MAYBE a half a pound. I am really trying to not use pregnancy as a license to eat since I am still trying to get rid fo the extra weight from Ryan and Rachel!!!

I am still puking my brains out every morning but it is getting better (minus the lovely stomach bug I got from Ryan earlier this week - I truly thought I was dying from it!). Mostly in maternity pants or regular pants and my bella bands (well generic ones from Ebay!). I ahve even been using those suckers to hold up my maternity pants that are a little too big on me!

I guess that's it for now. I'll leave with the closest thing I have to a belly shot - a picture of me and Rachel on the carousel!

If you look closely at my midsection you can see the bump! Of course, I am still getting those - is she pregnant or has she just not lost the gut from the last one looks!


The Mom said...

Aww, so cute! That definitely looks like a baby bump to me. And look at you still in regular clothes! I can't believe you throw up every day... you poor thing! Hopefully that will be a thing of the past with this new trimester :)

Aimee said...

I totally missed your news! Whoa! You are expecting a THIRD!? Good Luck to you and I can't believe it. Congrats!!! xoxoxoxox