Thursday, November 09, 2006

Meet my children - day & night

It's 10pm in our house and time for one last check on the kiddos before bed (and after LOST, but don't get me started on how boring I now find that show to be!). This is what I find:
Ryan - jumps to a sitting position the minute I open his door. Flings himself back down very dramtically and kicks all the covers to the floor. His hair is a mess, his jammies are all askew and there are 44 billion toys and books in his bed (I guess he was waiting for me to come read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" - I feel bad I didn't, BUT we had already read 3 books!!)!
Rachel: out cold. On her back. Legs crossed at her ankles, arms up by her head. SNORING away.....
Jump ahead to 6:00 am.
Ryan is up and begging for cerealmilk and JoJo
I had to wake Rachel up to feed her an hour later. She went to bed at 8:00 and stayed there - asleep - until 7:00
So, I guess one good sleeper is better than none, huh?
It just kills me that people always assume (and rightfully so) that our infant is the cause of our sleepless nights!


Joana said...

Ryan sounds just like Jackie!! She is a notoriously bad sleeper. When she is supposed to be sleeping you can usually find her playing discreetly or reading books. When we go in to check on her she pretends to be asleep! Haha. Unfortunately, Julia has been the same way too. She refuses to stay asleep!

Glad to hear Rachel is sleeping so well. :-)

Laurie said...

Oh my goosh the girl is blogging again LOLOL I feel so bad I have to admit I gave up and then was going to send you a email asking you to pls do your blog agin I enjoy your reading so much and low and behold you started to Blog agin :) So thanks so much and your kids sound like such a blast :) Welcome back girl.